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  • Hello All,

    I’m a new member and new to real estate investing. I’m really just trying to follow the “Build One House at a Time” plan from John Schaub to supplement my retirement. That’s the primary goal. The secondary goal is to see if I can replay my day job income which is software.

    So on that note, I don’t have a huge amount of time, so I’m interesting in building the systems and workflow that will allow me to accomplish my goals without full-time effort.

    My plan is to do door-to-door canvasing in the Bill Cook, Jack Miller, John Schaub style. Yeah, I know, I said I didn’t have much time. When I meet folks, I’ll give them a postcard or a business card. They each have similar messages and colors. Those will have my cell phone number and the address of my website,

    My website is built on WordPress (not Investor Carrot) and I host it for $5/mo along with a couple of other sites. Trying to keep the costs down. I did say I’m in software, so I know how to do this stuff. The website does not have a huge amount of content, but should have enough to convert leads. Conversions are either phone calls or filled-out forms which go into my email list which is hosted for free by GetDrip. Feel free to try it out and let me know what the rough spots are. I know the mobile experience needs some tweaks, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I’m going to start going active with this plan really soon and would appreciate any feedback that would save me time and/or give me a better chance of converting leads.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Hi Bill

    I’m sorry for the delays in responding. I’ve been in Texas dealing with a family medical emergency.

    Your plan sounds good except, you left out a few things:

    #1. What’s the plan for getting people to your website besides biz cards? Do you plan to do any direct marketing or PPC?

    #2. Once they fill out a form on your site, do you have an automatic follow up system in place — auto responder?

    #3. You need magnet signs on your car so you can be a moving billboard.

    #4 – Incorporate the Mega Lead Generator! When I was in Austin last month I saw a vacant, windows broken, run down fixer upper – would make an ideal wholesale deal. I will email you the address. You need to get a lot of people out looking for these opportunities for you.

    #5. It would be good to send out a few press releases about your services in the Austin area. You can hire someone on to write and distribute the PR for you. Focus on Austin area only. This will also give you some links to your site which Google loves.

    #6. You might ask people with corner houses if you can post a small sign in their yard (but not public areas). And be sure to put your biz card on restaurant bulletin boards when they have one.

    #7. Get some biz cards at the UHaul rental places. This will be a huge source of leads for you too.

    I will let you know if I think of anything else. It’s been a long day at the hospital and my brain in mush.


    Bill, a couple of thoughts.

    1. has recently opened up a premium section. Here’s the story on it:

    I haven’t yet explored the new premium section to see if it’s relevant to what you want to do or not. Anyway, FYI just in case.

    2. When Jackie advised to keep your attention on the Austin area only, there’s a term you need to keep in mind: geo-targeting. Always inquire regarding any new advertising venue or promotional method whether it can selectively address ONLY the area you want to work. If such venues or methods can’t be that selective for you, you might get hurt in potentially two ways:

    ..a. You may (or may not) get charged for the extra area that is beyond your time and resources to work.

    ..b. Extra inquiries or leads that come in from outside your area may cost you extra time and money to filter through, especially if they are not re-sellable to other investors.

    Best of luck,




    Thanks for your feedback. A few notes in response:

    Yes, my website registers people into my autoresponder. Feel free to go through the experience with the wholesale property you were talking about if you want to. They fill out the initial form which doesn’t ask for much. When that form is submitted, they are sent to a page where they can fill out an optional property questionnaire form. At the same time, my auto-responder sends them an email with a “what’s next” message.

    I could do PPC to drive traffic to my website. The combination of that, direct mail, and door-to-door canvasing should stir up the water a little bit. I also want to use the U-Haul and assisted living business card idea.

    I’ve read through the mega lead generator, but wondered how it works if I don’t close on any properties. Will people really work on your behalf with that kind of contingency? I guess it never hurts to try, eh?

    Thanks again…and hope things are going better with the medical situation!


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