SEO does work if you have a powerful website.

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    It just happened yesterday afternoon. Received a telephone call and the lady said she need to sell her home. I asked her right up front how did you hear about me. She said she did a google search saying “I need to sell my house fast in Ottawa Il” and your company popped up on top. Yes it did number one in an organic listing on Google when you put that in. Don’t believe me put it in and see what happens. Peruse the website it is a beautiful investor carrot website. People it has been 9 weeks since I started to optimize the website for SEO. It works it truly does work. The internet should be a major tool for you to generate motivated seller leads. By the way the lady wants to move in the next two months closer to Chicago because her son was diagnosed with epilepsy and need better medical treatment than she can get in our more rural environment. She wants 40K it should be worth about 80K I am going to see her tomorrow, and oh by the way it is free and clear. I am sure we can do some business. People get with it. If a 62 year old guy can use the internet to his advantage any one can. It is just another great marketing tool and think about it just like interest and taxes it never sleeps it works for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    P.S. more to come on Craigslist and finding all the investors you could ever imagine.

    Beautiful results Don. thank you for sharing. Gives us all motivation to move forward.

    Congratulations Don! I know you recently got an Investor Carrot website. Many people don’t know what SEO is. Can you explain what SEO is and what you are doing to get traffic to your site and how it is working out for you.

    Hey folks, Did you know that at least half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices? That’s why it is really important that your website is optimized for mobile devices ( looks good and is easy to read from a mobile device)

    Sure thing Jackie,
    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is tack ticks that one uses to optimize a website in Google eyes. 80% of web searches are done through Google. The next most used search engine is YouTube. And Google owns YouTube. Followed by bing and then yahoo. So Google is the master that we need to serve to get in its good favor and move up the google ladder in searches. If you do a Google search for something most of the time the first 4 listing will have AD next to them these are paid ads with pay per click. The next 10 listings then are called organic listings. This is where SEO comes into play. You need to optimize your site to get it to pull up high on the Google ladder when an organic search is done.

    First and foremost is you need a website that Google recognizes as search engine friendly. The investor carrot website is just that.

    Just having a good carrot site out there is not enough. What did we do first was a combination of things to keep my VA fresh and engaged. We built landing pages and citations A landing page is something built into your site that is City, County, State or region specific. For example on of mine say We buy houses in Spring Valley Il or Normal Il or Joliet Il . Any area you want to target to get traffic to your site. You have a landing page. Citations are like a business listing with the minimum information that they ask for is Name, Address, and Phone number. Some examples are Yelp, whitepages,pintrest even Google, and bing. Think of it as a very powerful website that say your company is legit. Google looks through these and if you appear there the same way each and every time it makes you look like a real business.

    We have also incorporated facebook, twitter, and google + and a Youtube channel accounts for the business. The VA constantly does social signals with these sites. All these sites are optimized and personalized.

    We also have numerous testimonials on our site. Both written and also YouTube videos. Remember Googles little baby YouTube. Google loves it when you incorporate YouTube. You have to remember that once you get someone to your site you want them to trust you and know you are legit and testimonials helps with this. Along the same line we have a page called about us and it pictures of me and brief bio of myself. We want to build trust.

    We also do blog post at least twice a week on our website. Both written and or with Youtube video in bedded. A blog should be an informative presentation that has real content. We also share these blog posts with social accounts.

    We are now in the process of building back links to our site. Back links are a way of connecting your website with other very powerful websites such as bigger pockets and REIclub. We use a three tier approach as taught by investor carrot.

    Lastly the VA daily does social signas with QUORA and post articles through out the week.

    All of this is done to make your website look like professional site.

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