Throwing Out an Idea.. Need Your Feedback

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  • Hey Jackie,
    Great idea. I know Lauren and I would partner anywhere to help do deals.


    Anytime we can participate and visually witness a deal being made, all parties benefit, from the instructor, student and the client. What a wonderful idea. Sounds like a winner to me Jackie. Count me in on this one.

    Hi. I am interested. I’m in Denver, CO.

    Dave Harper

    Hello Jackie. …my husband and I want to move to the states and begin doing HBS and working with your leads would get us started. Tell us WHERE to move and we will get there this summer. It would get us started as we work together. Waiting to hear from you as to where the need is. Meg Piguet

    Love it, I’m in. We are in the Tampa St Petersburg, FL area. There are some well known experts in our town (some that are regulars on your calls). I would also be happy to try to bring them in to help with the educational component, deal making, etc.

    Hi Jackie – I’m interested.
    I am based in Sarasota FL

    Hi Jackie,

    I see that this is an old post and I am fairly new to CFD, However, I am very interested in doing a joint venture with you. I live in NY, my concentrated area’s are Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens. I would work on anything in the tri-state area. I have done 1 HBS and I am currently working on sealing the deal with my second. Please let me know if you are still looking to JV.

    Thanks so much,

    I’m new. I live in Colorado Springs,CO. But you are still doing this, I would be more than well to be part of this traveling team.

    Hi Jackie,

    I live in the Austin, Texas area and would love to be a part of any deals that come up in the Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio areas.


    Jackie, count me in for Arizona.

    I am new to this business and love an opportunity like this. It is a great way to learn and a great experience. It would be a privilege to be a part of this in any capacity. Thank you. I’m in N. Cal, but would travel too.

    Great idea Jackie. I would be willing to help in Tallahassee, if anyone is interested.

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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