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  • August 1st — Residential Assisted Living opportunities presented by Dr. Robert King. Learn how you can make $10,000 a month or more with just one single family home converted in to an assisted living home. Dr. King has two residential assisted living homes, has gone through the licensing process and learned how to get tenants who are paying $3000 a month or more per bed!

    August 8th – Creative Deals — Learn how CashFlowDepot member Rich took two leads he got from CashFlowDepot then turned them in to fast cash AND cash flow.

    Calls start at 7pm central

    call 712-770-4160
    Access code 120440

    Jackie; This is a very interesting prospect, on target financially with the medicinal marijuana industry. I look forward to your presentation. My prayers of good health to you and your loved ones. Very sorry to hear about your husbands condition. You may wish to coordinate TRUE health information to your members, or take a poll to see if it may be of interest to them. For I have been informed by a licensed medical doctor that Americans rank close to last internationally in longevity amongst industrialized nations. Good health is important especially to investors, as knowledge is King. We can’t take the money with us though it is important in this life. Can’t enjoy it unless we are in good health. Just a thought.

    Abe, you’ve touched on a tremendously vital subject, even if it’s not a major theme of this website. I just ran a search on StartPage.com (to avoid any political censorship that Google is becoming notorious for) on this phrase: PANCREATIC CANCER AND MEDICAL MARIJUANA. This was one (of many) of the most inspiring doctor-authored stories I could possibly have come across, about the complete recovery of Wallace Rose from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, with the help of his Colorado relatives who provided an introduction to MM:

    Man Treats Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Using Cannabis Oil

    For that recovery to upend the historic death sentence that Stage 4 pancreatic has traditionally been — is fantastic.

    Presumably, the potential for assisted living facilities is probably a lot greater, and less legally risky, in states where MM is already legalized. Whether Dr. Robert King feels comfortable to address this issue remains to be determined.



    Dee, thank u for sharing this important information. Lets tune into the conference call with Jackie and see how it all ties in. Here is the licensed doctor and veterinarian Dr. Joel Wallach’s website and information http://youngevity.com/index.cfm/90-for-life/ and http://thewallachrevolution.com/books-cds-dvds/
    for members to learn.

    Hi Jackie,

    Just an FYI, I went to “askrobertking.com” and his ALU website to sign up for his seminar and when I called DoubleTree (it was the correct hotel that he has listed on his site), the hotel is completely booked for the seminar days, there were no blocks for people signing up for the seminar and they said he was not listed there as a guest and nothing about ALU. Maybe I am missing something…
    Is there anyway you can check into this?

    Thanks, Cookie

    Hello Cookie, I apologize for the inconvenience with Double Tree this is the first time I’m hearing something like this. We have used the hotel several times and have had no problem. I have a call into management and will resolve this situation right away. I’ll notify you once we get an understanding as to what happened. As for rooms being completely booked and our block being already taken that may be true, people tend to take advantage of those rates right away. However, ALU is being held Sept 27th- Oct 1st at Double Tree At Seaworld 10100 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32821. If you should have any questions you can reach me directly at 239-980-2559, thx

    Hey Cookie here is the info needed to book a hotel room. Unfortunately our block of rooms are all full and so is the rest of the hotel. However on http://www.alfownership.com I have several other hotels in the immediate area listed. Looking forward to sharing the incredible business opportunity with you at the last Assisted Living University Class of 2017. Dr. King

    Due to the Microsoft Convention group being hosted this year in Orlando, the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld is at a sold out capacity for guest rooms at this time. This does not in any way, effect the validity of the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld hosting and welcoming back the ALU conference with the wonderful Dr. Robert King! The conference will be held in the Tampa Ballroom from September 27 to October 1, 2017 and we look forward to having them back! If there are any attendees that would like to confirm this meeting, I would be more than happy assist and speak with them directly. They may email or call me at rwilliams@doubletreeorlandosw.com or 407-354-5029. Again, we look forward to having Dr. King and the ALU conference back to the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld and look forward to future events with them.

    Let me know if this helps.

    All the best,

    Rechelle Williams-Delgado | Wedding Specialist and Social Sales Manager
    Hotel 407.352.1100 | Direct 407.354.5029 | Fax 407.352.2632

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