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  • Okay, I am a licensed realtor in southern California. I have a listing appointment and I am going to pitch the HBS in comparison to the traditional sale. Any suggestions would be helpful. I pretty much understand the process and am able to explain it, but I shouldn’t go into detail about HBS with the seller right?

    I need to note: I am confident but I would be lying if I didn’t say I am a little nervous about my presentation.

    HI Nikia

    I have never been a licensed real estate agent but I do know several who present the seller with two choices

    Mr and Mrs Seller, there are two ways we can get your house sold, the traditional listing way where you pay __% commission and closing costs OR
    I can offer you a service which typically gets houses sold faster and for more money — all without paying a commission.

    would you like to hear more?

    Let me tell you about a Highest Bidder Sale. We agree on your bottom line price that you want to get net net when you sell the house. Then I go in to full marketing mode to attract a lot of potential buyers to your property during a two day open house. The buyers literally fight over who will pay the highest price so they can get the house. Contracts are signed. The buyer pays closing costs. You usually close less than 30 days later.

    How do I get paid?

    Because I’m not making a real estate commission, my “payment or profit” is anything I can sell the house for over what your minimum net net price is. So, you can see why I’ll really hustle to get your house sold fast and for top dollar or I won’t make a penny.

    If for some reason the house does not sell for your minimum price, you are under no obligation to sell.

    back to you… what do you do if their minimum price is too high for you to make a reasonable profit?

    you say…

    Mr. and Mrs Seller, I can understand why you’d like to get this price for your house but for us to attract a lot of potential buyers the price will need to go down. Here’s what we can do… if you can go down to $_______, I will agree to a 50/50 split on the profit over that price. That’s how confident I am that the Highest Bidder Sale system is the best way to sell your house.

    Does this give you some ideas?

    If they ask more questions about HBS, don’t be afraid to answer them honestly and thoroughly.


    Whew! Thanks Jackie, I went to my meeting and it went well. My confusion is this…”buyer will pay fees??” That would be for me to pay right? I told this seller that I would charge $20k flat marketing fee and they were okay with this.

    I am just confused on what to tell escrow I want them to do to get the transaction closed. In CA we can’t use the end buyer’s purchase money to close a deal, so who would I be asking escrow to assign my contract to “MY” buyer?

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