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  • Hello everyone,

    I went out driving for dollars today and found quite a few interesting properties. I got home this evening and hit a road block. I looked up the houses and could not figure out how to get a hold of the homeowner of the vacant houses. They all show the same home/mailing addresses and the neighbors were either not home or less than helpful.

    Help! What would you do next to figure out how to get a hold of these owners?


    When you find vacant houses but the address for the owner is the same as the address for the vacant house, there are several things you can do:

    1. Leave a note on the front door that says you are interested in buying or renting the house, include your phone number. It is likely that the owner will come back once in awhile to check on the house.

    2. You can send a postcard to the owner but on the front of the card include DO NOT FORWARD, ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED. By doing this, the post office will send the postcard back to you with a little sticker with the owner’s forwarding address ( assuming they have one)

    3. Stick a “We Buy Houses” sign (or two) in the front yard. It’s a quick way to get a call from the owner!

    4. You can hire a skip tracer but that will cost you about $50 — not worth the expense until you try the other things first and you know there is plenty of equity in the house.

    Thanks Jackie. I will try this.

    Sorry to dig up this old thread. Maybe I am naive, but I was wondering why we need to write “DO NOT FORWARD, ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED” shouldn’t the mailer go to the proper address without us needing to receive the corrected address, thus having to spend more on another mailer?

    If the owner is forwarding their mail to another address, that directive instructs the post office not to forward your postcard, but to return it to you with that forwarding address. And now you know the address to use to take a more proactive approach like knocking on a door. Or, if the address is not local, you have some insight which may inform your tactics going forward.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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