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  • I have come to the conclusion that if you want a website for lead generation if you do not have an investor carrot site you have made a mistake. If you follow their training and do what they teach you will succeed.
    I am constantly amazed at how much they share.


    Thank you for your insight! Have any investors in your network tried LeadPropeller?


    From a few things I have heard is that LeadPropeller “BORROW” much of the innovative things that Investor Carrot develops and implements. If you want a website for Lead Generation, a website for Credibility, and a website to attract Cash Buyers stick with Carrot. They can give you all three in a package. They will give you all the training material and continual education. You just have to put in the work.

    What is an example of the work you have to do? Just curious about the kind of things they are telling you to do.

    And what kind of traffic is the website getting and how much of that traffic represents qualified leads? I have a website set up that I can host for $5 (I’m a software engineer) which has similar content, but I haven’t done much to improve it’s SEO or authoritativeness.

    The SEO training is all there for you. It is up to you how involved you want to get.
    Maybe Jackie can have a more tech knowledge individual that likes to write and explain dive into the merits of the SEO they offer. I went through there training modules two times last year just so i had some idea what this is all about. I then had an SEO VA do all the work. Had him go through their training step by step. He has done this as a living for years and is constantly amazed what he has learned and continues to learn.

    As far as the quality of the traffic. If It is totally website driven traffic you are referring it is to the greatest extent motivated seller. This is for the reason of how the site is set up to be geared to motivated sellers only.

    Hi Don,

    I have to agree with all you said, their product is excellent and the training/education and cust. service support is top of the line. Can you share where did you find the SEQ VA and about how much can you expect to pay for their services? The SEO implementation is very time consuming and there’s a lot to learn.

    Thanks in advance.

    My VA is bit of a secret, however I believe you can find one at Jackie has had a few conference calls over the years on this site. Just make sure you vet your VA thoroughly. Good people will work in the Philippines for $400 to $800 per month for a forty hour work week. No matter how good they are they can implement the Carrot training and learn allot along the way. My VA was a top notch SEO guy and he has learned so much from carrot flowing their training. We are both learning things weekly from carrot and implementing into the website.

    Hi Don,
    I heard your call about your site and wondered how many leads and deals you’ve done from Carrot.
    Would love to hear of your success.

    I judge my success as talking the leap to get into this modern internet era. As Jackie and others can attest to in Panama last year I was about as green and nievve as one could be about websites and website marketing. I took on the change and it has been an exciting ride
    I took a little different approach than most as far as a game plan for the site. Most people want deals right out of the gate boring pay per click. I decided to put my capital in the more slow SEO development. I wanted all systems in place and a dearth of Investors lined up before busting on the market.
    Did my first deal in September. Next in December. Closed last Thursday. Have two that will close in the next two weeks. Have three stickey deals under contract now. I will not be surprised to close over 20 deals starting in April through December. I have been dipping my toe into the greater Chicagoland marketplace and ready to hit it with force in the next two months. Should be exciting. That’s what it is really all about right, the journey?

    Sorry taking and buying

    Kudos to Don for taking massive action!

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the feedback. Will check as you suggested.


    I agree with Don. Investor Carrot seems to be a good platform and some very good people there to assist and help.


    FYI, I did some minor work on my investor carrot site last year and then stopped and let it run as I renovated two houses and my house flooded. Even still, I got three leads from the site in January alone. Seems like if I put in some massive action it will pay off big time.

    Don is right! The Investor Carrot sires are the best. They have spent years and analyzed 1000s of sites to determine exactly what needs to happen, where things needs to be located on the site, what to leave off a site, and how to get reluctant sellers or buyers to fill out a form (2 step process) on your site. They have the systems down!

    I’ll contact Trevor, the owner of Investor Carrot, to see if he can join us on a Coaching Call — not to sell Carrot sites but to talk about using a websites for lead generation. Anyone interested in that?

    I am in. Any time I can hear Trevor speak count me in. Knowledgeable, personable, and inspirational

    That would be great Jackie. They are really good.

    Hello Don & Jackie,

    So can the same be done with your own website and a Pro in SEO doing the site for you. With period SEO updates to the site?


    Carrot is the Pros Pro. Their platform is second to none. Their investor site is designed with purpose. It has so much baked into it. Trevor was just mentioning that their websites are in the 10% fastest in the world. They are the cutting edge when it comes to SEO. I had a “PRO” doing my SEO and he learned soooooooo much from carrot. There are testimonials after testimonials of people who thought their sites were great until they switched. More traffic and much better conversion. You would think I was a salesman for them but I am not. They are just hands down the best in the industry. Just their content marketing to me is worth the little over $100.00 a month.

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