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  • What are you doing this weekend to find your next deal?

    Here are some suggestions of things to do:

    1. Contact FSBO.com and ForSaleByOwner.com sellers – there is a link on those sites to contact the seller. Tell them you are interested in their property and would like to get more information. Then use the Seller Questionnaire in the File Vault to gather information. If you’re not sure what offers to present, post the details here on the Community Forum and we will help.

    2. Monitor craigslist in your area to look for signs of a motivated seller. Tell them you want more information. See #1. Contact landlords with a property for rent. Offer to rent it for 3-4 years for a reduced rate. Contact sellers too

    3. Talk to at least 6 people telling them you are a real estate investor looking for sellers who really need to sell asap. Ask if they know anyone. Hand out a biz card or just your name and phone number written down. Tell people you will pay a $500 referral fee if they send you a lead and you buy the house. But these must be homes that are NOT listed with a real estate agent.

    4. Spend an hour driving around lower priced neighborhoods looking for vacant and run down looking properties. Jot down the address so you can send a post card later. Stop to talk to the neighbors to see if they know anything about the property or how to get in touch with the owner. ( these are wholesaling and highest bidder sale opportunities)

    What else are you doing THIS WEEKEND to find your next deal?

    Ideally you schedule time every week to learn more about real estate investing but you also need to schedule time every week to find deals!

    Do a blog post at your website.
    Post a few more craigslist ads for motivated sellers and wholesale buyers
    Take a selfie video of yourself doing some sort of real estate or investor function. Then make it a blog post.
    Go ahead and order those magnetic signs for your cars that you have been putting off.

    I forgot a vital part of any investment strategy. Education. Review a conference call. Review or read a new book here on CFD. Listen to any one of Jack’s great seminars. It is all here on CFD take advantage.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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