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  • Have a guy that wants me to help him sell his house. He owns it free and clear and is willing to carry back seller held fiance to sell. Been trying to sell with a Realtor for cash for almost a year. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/25479-N-Boat-Dock-Rd_Canton_IL_61520_M87210-33216#photo36 You can copy and paste to view home.

    The situation is that the property is in Rural Canton Il. I can structure the deal myself. My question is where to market such a property other than Facebook Market Place and Craigslist?

    HI Don

    I noticed that the ad says “lake views” and it’s on Boat Dock road.
    Does the seller have a boat they can throw in for the right offer?

    Is there a boat ramp close by? How’s the fishing there?

    I’d market to people with boats and local fishing publications.
    Put ads up at local tackle shops.

    Maybe even run an ad in a local newspaper in the BOAT section
    Go to boat dealerships to advertise there —
    is the pole barn big enough to keep the boat inside?

    A highest bidder sale (for the highest down) would attract a lot of potential buyers.
    Keep a back up list, then go get more houses around the lake so you can sell more houses there.

    You need to do this one fast because cold weather is right around the corner.

    When I sold my lake house in Texas, before moving to Panama, I sold it completely furnished and included a boat. Got a cash offer in a few weeks. If this is a 2nd home for someone it will be easier to buy if it comes completely furnished and with a boat!! Not sure the seller would want to do that but talk to them about it.

    Sorry it took so long to get back. From the looks of the map it is less then 5 minutes from Canton Lake. Great ideas.

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