How to Do More Deals and Make More Money

Topics: Buying & Selling, Financing
creative real estate investing

When you learn how to buy houses with creative financing you will be able to do more deals and make more money. What is creative financing?  It is when you buy houses without using bank financing or private lenders.  Creative financing requires very little cash to buy houses. Creative financing could be buying a house […]

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How to Get Cash Flow From Rentals

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Topics: Landlording, Master Leasing
cash flow

Cash flow can provide financial security and financial freedom.  Cash flow can support you if you lose your job or just want to take an extended vacation.   When you get enough cash flow coming in every month, you can quit your job! Monthly cash flow from rental properties can increase your retirement income so you […]

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Risky Versus Risk-Free Real Estate Investing

Topics: Getting Started, Highest Bidder Sales, Wholesaling
risk free real estate

What’s the difference between risk-free real estate investing and regular real estate investing? The answer lies in how much money you could potentially lose if you don’t know what you are doing. It is easier to explain the difference with some examples: Let’s say a motivated seller contacts you with a $100,000 house and they […]

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Master Leases With or Without an Option

Topics: Landlording, Master Leasing
sandwich lease master lease

Master leasing has helped many CashFlowDepot members go from $0 cash flow to $10,000 or more in cash flow quickly.  With Master Leasing, you don’t need to save up for a down payment or buy houses and you don’t need to qualify for a loan.  Instead, you simply lease a house from an owner with […]

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John Schaub’s Predictions & Advice for Real Estate Investing in 2017

Topics: Market Trends
John Schaub

We spoke with John Schaub today to get his take on where he sees the market headed in 2017 and what real estate investors should do to stay ahead.  John is a real estate investor with 35 years of experience and is also the author of “Buying Wealth One House at a Time” which is […]

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Predictions and advice for real estate investing in 2017 (FREE Replay!)

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Topics: Market Trends
State of the Union

We had our annual State of the Union conference call last night and were joined by veteran real estate investors Dyches Boddiford, David Tilney, and Owen Irvine.  Each of these investors have many years of experience in a variety of economic and political climates. Each person on the call was asked to share their predictions and […]

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