Old Mobile Home Or Money In Disguise

Topics: Mobile Homes
mobile home investing

While most real estate investors are chasing single family house opportunities.  Few are looking for opportunities with mobile homes.  Maybe that’s because the profit margins are not as big.  Maybe it is because mobile homes are not so glamorous. Mobile homes are a missed opportunity with little competition. Read the article below by the Legendary […]

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Coaching Call Replay: How to Retire Early or Take Mini-Retirements

Topics: Investor Success
how to retire early

I invited Chad Carson (www.CoachCarson.com) to join me for a Coaching Call to discuss how, at age 37, he and his family could take 18 months off to live in Ecuador.  Since moving to Panama, I have met many people who retired in their 30s and 40s or who are taking extended vacations for a […]

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State of the Union

Topics: Investor Success
State of the Union for Investors

Every year at CashFlowDepot, we invite experienced investors to share their thoughts about the State of the Union (real estate markets) for the coming year. Our 2018 State of the Union Coaching features Dyches Boddiford, Peter Fortunato, David Tilney and Simone Stephens. During this call, you’ll learn what each speaker thinks about: * Where the […]

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5 Ways to Make $12,800 Per Month with Real Estate

Topics: Getting Started, Investor Success
The 5 Best Ways to Make Money with Real Estate

There are two reasons we teach so many different creative real estate techniques and money-making strategies at CashFlowDepot: (1) One technique may appeal to you more than other techniques. When you’re just getting started, you will usually gravitate towards the techniques which require the least amount of cash and no bank financing. As you learn […]

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