Dealer Tax Benefits Of Options

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Options the key to your success

When there is plenty of loan money around, those who build houses, or who buy them to fix up for resale simply sell them to people who can get financing for them, and pay tax on the cash received. On the other hand, when both acquisition and take-out financing dries up, about the only way to stay in business is with private financing from investors, hard money loans, or creative financing. All of these dry up profits and increase risk to the person trying to make money as a dealer.  There's a BETTER WAY....

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Option Case Study On A Listed Property

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Many homeowners are frustrated with their listing agent who is not doing anything to market the property or help get it sold.  Typically, investors avoid listed properties.  But there is a way to get Options on "Listed" properties so everyone is happy AND you still make $30,000 profit... Read the rest of the story to learn how...

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Creating Multiple Mobile Home Profit Centers

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mobile home park investing

There are many her ways to make money as a park owner. Let's track one of the most successful park owners I ever met to see how he did things. Bill owned a 113 space water front combination rental and condo park. He also owned a finance company, a used Mobile Home dealership, a Mobile Home moving company, a new Mobile Home dealership, a management company, a fuel oil and bottled gas company, a Mobile Home repair service, a sewer and water utility company and a collection company.

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Buying From Distressed Mobile Home Owners, Lenders, And Landlords

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Mobile Home owners fall into dire financial circumstances as a result of all the usual reasons that affect conventional homeowners; but there are unusual circumstances that create opportunity: When a mobile home is situated on an individual rental lot, or in a land lease park, being in default on the loan is usually accompanied by being in default on the lease too. This creates challenges for everyone.

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How I Got Started In Real Estate.. Hal Cranmer

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Getting Started with Real Estate Investing

Everyone's path for getting started in real estate investing is different.  Many start down one path, then change courses later as they learn more and discover a better way.  There is no one right way to get started.  Your background and resources (in time and money) will have a lot to do with the paths you take.  One things is for sure, those to DO get started in real estate investing are building a better future and financial security for themselves.  Read how one member, Hal Cranmer, get started in real estate investing.

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