John Schaub’s Predictions & Advice for Real Estate Investing in 2017

Topics: Market Trends
John Schaub

We spoke with John Schaub today to get his take on where he sees the market headed in 2017 and what real estate investors should do to stay ahead.  John is a real estate investor with 35 years of experience and is also the author of “Buying Wealth One House at a Time” which is […]

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Predictions and advice for real estate investing in 2017 (FREE Replay!)

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Topics: Market Trends
State of the Union

We had our annual State of the Union conference call last night and were joined by veteran real estate investors Dyches Boddiford, David Tilney, and Owen Irvine.  Each of these investors have many years of experience in a variety of economic and political climates. Each person on the call was asked to share their predictions and […]

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Old Mobile Homes or Money In Disguise

Topics: Mobile Homes
mobile home investing

This is a great article written by the late Lonnie Scruggs – also known as the God Father of Mobile Homes. Lonnie created the “Lonnie Deal” system of buying cheap older mobile homes then selling them with seller financing so you can get cash flow. Learn more…. Fred was like most investors and entrepreneurs and […]

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Where Are You Going? When and How?

Topics: Business, Getting Started, Investor Success
the road to success

It’s time to start planning on ways to cope with the challenges of tomorrow. Start with your own goals. Set a time frame and financial framework within which you intend to implement action to achieve them. Understand the rules. Learn what to do and what not to do. Like the cop said to the man […]

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Code Violations Are Wholesaling Opportunities

Topics: Getting Started, Wholesaling
condemned property sign

Wholesaling is a great way to get started in a real estate business.  Wholesaling is also a great way to make money fast. With wholesaling, you don’t need much cash to get started, you don’t need to buy houses or get loans, you don’t need to do any repairs yet you usually get paid a […]

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Planning The Negotiation

Topics: Negotiating

Negotiation is the highest paid skill that anyone can learn.  A good negotiator can add tens of thousands or more to the bottom line of any transaction.  A good negotiator can also convert the cash offer a seller wants in to a win-win offer with low down and reasonable terms.  There are many ways to negotiate.  Negotiating is something that needs to be planned and practiced often.  The more you learn about how to effectively negotiate, the better you will get.  See this article to learn more...

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Options Control Real Estate Without The Fiduciary Or Liability Of A Listing

Topics: Options

An Option is very much like a listing agreement that a real estate agent uses.  You control the property with a piece of paper.  The big difference with an Option is that you'll almost always make a much bigger profit with an Option.  Plus you don't need a license to use Options. Just like a listing agreement, if you get an option but are unable to find a buyer for the property, you are under no obligation to buy or close .. if your paperwork is done correctly.

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Buy And Hold Vs. Buy And Sell Techniques

Topics: Getting Started, Investor Success

In today's world, when you retire a Social Security or pension check may not be there when you need it the most.  Even if it is, it may not be enough to live a comfortable retirement.  So, now is the time, to start accumulating cash flow rental properties which will provide you with a much more secure retirement and/or an early retirement. 

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