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Listen to the replay of the January 2nd Coaching Call about Highest Bidder Sales which are the most amazing way to make a lot of cash really fast.  This technique definitely needs to be in your tool box in 2018!  During this call, you’ll learn:

♦  what is a Highest Bidder Sale
♦  how does a Highest Bidder Sale work
♦  how to find opportunities
♦  how to get the seller to say yes
♦  negotiation strategies
♦  how to get 100s of bidders at the property
♦  how to get the price up and up.
♦  and much more…

What is a Highest Bidder Sale? I Highest Bidder Sale is when you get an option to buy a property, then do aggressive marketing for a week to attract people to a 2 day open house (limited hours) where you will accept bids from people who want to either buy for the highest price or for the highest down payment. You typically sell the house within 2 weeks after you get the option to buy. If it is a cash sale or a highest down payment, you get paid a week or two later. A Highest Bidder Sale is a FAST way for you to make a substantial amount of cash quickly.

A Highest Bidder Sale works on wholesale type properties, houses in perfect condition, mobile homes, land and much more.

With a Highest Bidder Sale, you do NOT need to buy the house, get a loan, find a private lender, do any repairs, have good credit, or need much cash.  A Highest Bidder Sale is the ultimate “risk free” real estate technique which will usually net much more than wholesaling!



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