Audio: Real Estate Investing Is Alive And Well

Topics: Buying & Selling, Deal Stories, Financing, Investor Success, Negotiating, Options

Peter Fortunato was my guest speaker for the Tuesday night conference call.  I have to say, it was one of the best calls we have had!

Peter discussed
•  Why real estate investing is very alive and well – despite hedge funds. 

•  What to say to get motivated sellers leads from people you don’t even know

•  How to get sellers to agree to seller finance with great terms

•  How you can pay retail and still get great cash flow

•  Why you can make better deals with caring than you can with dollars

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Buy And Hold Strategies

Topics: Buying & Selling, Financing
Creating Cash Flow with Houses

Sooner or later, you'll make so much money buying and selling as a real estate dealer that you'll start looking around for tax shelter. The most obvious solution is, instead of buying low and selling high in rapid fire succession, to buy low and sell high in slow motion. By holding a house as a rental and reaping the income, tax-shelter, amortization, and depreciation benefits it throws off, you'll not only reduce the amount of earnings that are siphoned off by income taxes, but also build a solid retirement income when you decide to stop wheeling and dealing.  Seller financing offers the best opportunity for achieving this.

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Free-form Finance Formula

Topics: Financing
Reach Your Financial Goals

When we have prosperity in the United States, usually as a result of extended periods during which interest rates are relatively low, it is possible for ANYONE to succeed.  Our markets are so vast, our citizens so effluent, our institutions so liberal, that practically every form of commercial activity has a theoretical and statistical chance to succeed.  The problem with that scenario is that good times cause millions of would-be entrepreneurs to enter the market place.  Success becomes a very competitive venture in which those with true ability are virtually indistinguishable from those without the skills and knowledge normally required as a prerequisite to prosperity.

In hard times, the reverse of the above holds true.  Slowing economic activity causes businesses to retrench.  The faint of heart drop out, others cut back on costs, materials, labor.  They slow down their payments to the banks.  They withdraw surplus funds to meet current expenses.  Bankers, seeing their reserves beginning to diminish, are faced with increasing loan demand from borrowers who foresee less and less certain profits with which to repay them.  Interest rates are increased to meet market demand for money.  Loan terms are stiffened to discount increasing risk.  Money becomes tighter and tighter.  THIS IS WHEN THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES HAPPEN!


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Why Private Financing Is Smarter Than Institutional Financing

Topics: Financing

Over time you'll find it much more profitable to stop applying for conventional institutional loans. You'll go a lot farther, faster if you try to borrow from private investors who understand your problems rather than banks. This might require a shift in your thinking. Who owns the money that you've been borrowing? In the vast majority of cases, it won't be the agency who lends it to you. Instead capital is owned by investors who buy bonds, open accounts in banks, stock brokerages, thrift institutions, IRA's, credit unions, etc,

By locating a few of these people and offering them a better deal than that offered by institutions into which they've been depositing funds, you will have access to financing that is far superior to those nosy and gossipy institutional credit sources which you have been accustomed to using.

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10 Tips To Avoiding Credit Traps, Tricks, And Travesties

Topics: Financing

A lender's fantasy is to have thousands of borrowers, up to their ears in debt, who transfer a major portion of their earnings to him each month in the form of interest and charges. On the other hand, this scenario can be a borrower's worst nightmare. Indiscriminate use of credit has brought even the biggest real estate moguls low. Between them, Bill Zeckendorf, Donald Trump, and Bill Levitt lost $billions because of debt. Using credit can become a habit that's very hard to kick.

Lack of financial discipline is what creates "Money Junkies" who can't get through a month without a credit "fix". Here are 10 tips to help avoid becoming one:

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Simple Way To Solve Real Estate Problems

Topics: Financing
creative ways to buy houses

Everyone likes simplicity. Regularity. But, quite often, the more simple things are, the less lucrative. An example is simple interest. It's easy to figure, but compound interest is a lot more profitable to the lender.

Lenders would like every payment to come in on the last day of each month. They would like to be able to impose late payments for every payment not received when due. And they'd like to be able to foreclose, get the property back, and resell it without missing a payment. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work this way.

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Leasing Real Estate For The Down Payment

Topics: Financing, Options

In this lesson, you'll learn a creative way to buy real estate without a big down payment or bank financing.  Anytime you can find a motivated seller, there is an opportunity to turn their problem property in to cash and/or cash flow for you.   

But you need to get training on the art of creative deal structuring.  The more ways you learn to buy or sell real estate, the more money you will make

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How To Inflation Proof Your Real Estate Notes

Topics: Financing
How inflation affects real estate

One of the major disadvantages of transferring assets from tangible property to a future income stream in the form of a series of payments on a contract or Note is that, in the event of high inflation, you can't be certain of maintaining the purchasing power of the money you receive.

Conventional lenders got caught in this trap in the late 1970s and early 1980swhen high inflation rates rampaged across the financial landscape.

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The Art Of The Deal

Topics: Financing

When structuring a creative purchase or sale, the first task is to determine the needs of the buyer or seller, as the case may be. This is done by slow, patient inquiry that takes place only after the parties are comfortable with each other.Most people are motivated, directly or indirectly, by an emotional response to fear or greed; or a combination of these.

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Why You Need Financial Survival Insurance

Topics: Financing

What's the relevance of learning about creative financing today? Why should anybody take the time to learn how to buy and sell property without using cash or credit?

Admittedly, today when credit is still cheap and available, there may be little need for such knowledge, but tomorrow it will be too late.   Now is the time to learn everything you can about creative financing if you want to survive and thrive in the future.

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