Annual Panama Retreat

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  • I got a lot of responses about the Panama Retreat. Most people said February or March would be a good time for them. February would be tough in Panama because there is an International Blues and Jazz Festival, Carnaval, plus I have a Panama Relocation Tour. So, the CashFlowDepot Panama Retreat will likely be in March.

    What are the topics you would like to have covered during 2018 Panama Retreat? I need to line up speakers.

    Just to give you a preview, this is what the area right next to the all inclusive resort looks like (all year!)

    This looks like a new place. Love it.

    I would like to see marketing. Especially on face book or other new forms. also on owner financing or commercial. You always have a great line up and i look forward to it every year. It is the best place to mix with other investors and learn new things.

    Thanks for all you do Jackie

    Hey TK. Marketing is always a great topic…. especially affordable targeted marketing. Look forward to seeing you in Panama in 2018

    I agree with TK-Marketing, commercial (storage, 20+ units, master lease commercial) seller financing, “subject to”.
    Marketing- what’s really working (website, post cards, word to mouth)- geared towards the cycles in real estate markets.


    I will let you know after the coaching call this coming Monday. I have a feeling it will be very interesting. I would not be opposed to investor carrots presence

    I hope I can make it! Panama looks gorgeous and I’d enjoy meeting some of the other users on CFD.

    Hey Jackie,
    Tax planning and strategies are great topics. Of course master leasing as a staple!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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