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  • I saw Tilney’s note on the Master Leasing list and then came here to look for Jack Miller’s Advanced Options course. It’s not here, right?

    I found this page which mentions it, but I think the references are out of date:

    Options! The Best Real Estate Investor Tool

    If that is on the site, would love a link. Otherwise, are the seminar manuals available or could they be if someone has an old one?

    HI Bill

    Jack’s Options Home Study courses were taken off the site until we got the book edited and found a better place to get the CDs duplicated. We just finished all the above. We have the CDs. The books have been ordered. Once the books come in, we will have the Options Home Study course available It is an AMAZING course full of great advice, tips and tricks for doing option deals.

    By the way, the Options Home Study course is a recording of a FIVE day seminar, video and audio, plus the seminar manual. The manual includes a lot of contracts and forms too.

    I’ve made more money with options than any other technique or strategy.

    Jackie—that’s fabulous news!

    I was slightly worried that could have been lost.

    Sounds like the ETA is soon-ish, so I will keep an eye out for it. I probably have listened to more options-related content than anything on CFD.

    Are there any other similar content surprises in the works that you can talk about?

    It will be mind blowing when you listen. I went to the course in 1995. I have listened to the course at least 3 times
    It does not get old just better. Both option courses could be the best learning experience ever

    The book should be in March 9th. We will be ready to offer the Options Home Study course after that. As Don said… get ready to be BLOWN AWAY.

    Here are some examples of some of the Crazy Option deals I have done:

    Crazy Option Deals.. The Magic Bus

    Crazy Option Deal – Plan B

    Crazy Option Deals – The Blue Tarp

    Craziest Option Deals – The Ranch

    Circling back to this with a question: it sounds like this is not going to be an online seminar to be bought, but rather a collection of CDs (audio) with a book. Correct?

    Jackie, is it ready yet?

    Hey guys,

    We finally received the books for Jack’s Intro to Options course. It is a paperback book plus 11 audio CDs and a CD with forms. We have it in new & improved packaging plus I went through and proofread / edited it for grammar, spelling, and formatting as best I could. The product page hasn’t been updated to show the new packaging (I’ll put an image down below) or the current price. I’m not sure what Jackie will be selling it for. She is travelling for the next few days so may be slow to respond.

    I’m afraid Jackie misspoke when she said that the Advanced Options Course was also being worked on. We do have some of those CDs and could print off the books and put them into 3-ring binders if there is an interest in that. The packaging would be similar to what you see in the link I posted. I’m not sure what the current price will be.

    At the moment we are not offering these as online seminars.



    PS – The new Intro to Options packaging looks like this.

    Intro to Options new packaging

    Hi Dustin,

    I attended Jack’s Options seminar several years ago in Tampa. I also bought both the Intro and Advanced Options courses. I am wondering if there will be a way for members like me that already purchased the older version(s) of the course(s), to get the new edited version of the book and the CD with the Forms without the 11 audio CDs since we already have those. That would be great. Maybe you can run it through Jackie when she gets back and let us know.

    Thanks in advance!

    I love the packaging on the Basic course, so looking forward to it’s availability.

    As for the Advanced course, for me it’s less about the packaging and more about the content. I’d buy it in its current form and gladly print it out or take it in a three-ring binder. I’ve ordered stuff from Dyches Boddiford and Gary Johnston and their products have been CDs + binder and that works well enough.

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