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  • I have a buyer who’s interested in buying a house in Colorado Springs via owner financing, subject to, lease option,etc. ONLY. Buyer is interested in working with property owners who LOVE owner financing their property. No banks involved. Rates went up too much for the buyer to agree to bank’s terms. It’s a lot easier to work with individuals than banksters.
    30 year term will be ideal. Anything can be negotiated in exchange for the long term payout; that is, Price, Monthly Payment, Down Payment,etc. Buyer will use her title company located in Denver or any company that will close such a transaction (if they don’t).
    I will post sample ideal scenarios that will help explain what will work for her later.

    If you know the market in the following zip codes and are consistently generating leads and contracts, and are a wholesaler, or an agent, and the seller doesn’t need to cash out and can wait for years to receive payments, please, connect with me.
    zip codes: 80919,80909,80904,80905,80918,etc.

    Basically, anything west of I-25 and in the north (Palmer Park area,Black Forest, Monument,etc.). No new construction.

    A quick example:
    Due to the city being a hot market, I am very well aware that sellers are “so spoiled” with selling at higher than asking prices. This is going to change. Or not. It’s a matter of time. For our purposes, if a property in the above areas is listed (i.e. is WORTH) $600,000, my buyer (fiancee) will pay anything between $100,000 to $200,000 over asking price if seller will accept payments over time. For example, $100,000 down, and monthly payment of $1,500 for 30 years, with 0% interest. No bank financing.
    We will work with seller whether they want to be a landlord (doing a lease with an option to purchase) OR just owner financing outright.
    Regarding a lease option deal, ALL PAYMENTS will be applied toward principal.
    Assuming agreed sale price is $800,000 (property is WORTH $600,000 TODAY, regardless of the POSSIBILITY that seller can sell it for a lot more on MLS IN 2 hours, pay commission, etc.). So, the buyer is willing to pay $200,000 over what the property will sell today (or in 2 hours via agents!), here is the breakdown:

    Buyer will pay $100,000 as down payment (buyer pays all closing costs)
    Buyer will pay $1,500/month for 30 years = $540,000
    A balloon in the amount of $160,000 after year 20 or 30.
    Let’s add up: $100,000 down payment + ($1,500 times 360 months equals $540,000) + $160,000 balloon after year 20. That will be a total of $800,000.

    This is an ideal deal for a seller with multiple properties, who doesn’t want to pay capital gains taxes in the year of the sale, no public showing, no commission, and would appreciate making a lot more money over time than an outright cash sale today.

    Why will buyer pay this much? Because she wants to enjoy the lifestyle while she can and is willing to pay for it.
    I have a specific spreadsheet that details numerous scenarios other than this, with and without interest payment.
    Please, let me know if you are actively marketing in the city. I can also provide the list of “qualified” properties (we know what we are looking for) for free. We need people to door knock in those areas and make offers on our behalf since we don’t live there.

    These are ONLY numbers for illustration purposes. All of them, obviously, can change based on seller’s and buyer’s needs.

    Everything that’s ideally good for a seller is NOT for the buyer:
    Lower down payment, lower monthly payment, lower overall sale price,etc. is better for buyer than for seller. But, they can all be changed to fit the needs of both.
    I am an expert HP 10 bii calculator user. If you need to run numbers, please, let me know.

    We are also interested in buying investment properties this way too, in Memphis, TN (where my trustworthy handyman brother lives) and in Colorado Springs as long as numbers work. Common Sense demands at least $50,000 profit on a fix and flip.

    Thank you very much beforehand.

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