Please bring back the……………… Commonwealth Newsletter’s

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  • Bill,

    Perhaps you and your wife remember, and perhaps you don’t?

    You remember the Commonwealth newsletter?

    Jack Miller had that at the table being sold by his son Chris Miller and his mother DeeDee.

    I know that Jackie had some reprints that she ran for a while and I think that would be one heckuva tool for you to use,

    Everything in real estate is cyclical, that I simply think you can change the numbers and still utilize ideas of yesteryear and people can utilize those ideas for putting together deals rupturing feels finding deals.

    All I remember is that irrespective of what I got in the mail, Jack never you email, when I would get the Commonwealth letter that was the first piece of mail that I opened. And I do believe that something like that could and would excite a number of people today and all the topics of discussion in the newsletter were absolutely outstanding.

    Everything from limited partnerships to real estate transactions in general, Jack was the guru that is for sure!

    To your success,


    The Commonwealth Letters have been on CashFlowDepot since it began in 2007.

    You can find them at

    Thanks, Jackie.

    Dan, I read Jack’s newsletters on a regular basis. They are a gold mine of info. They’ve been on CashFlowDepot this whole time.

    Enjoy, my friend, enjoy!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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