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  • I have use a company called Batch Skip Tracing in the past. Over two weeks ago I submitted a list to skip trace. No results and several messages have been left and not return phone call. Anyone have a company that does skip tracing in bulk for phone numbers?

    I have a guy who handles all my skip tracing, found him off of Fiverr. He’s been my go to for awhile now.

    He has a team so turnaround is quick and it’s manually managed which i like because they’ll find LLC’s as well. He uses TLO and Locateplus. Anywhere from 1-7 numbers per lead.

    Quality numbers at 15 cents a lead (hard to find much cheaper). Any size list.

    No one will ever find 100% of the list but assuming your data is correct and correctly laid out, my guy should be able to find 80% and up.

    Shoot me an email if interested, thanks!

    Hey Don the easiest way to skip trace is when you “jump” you count 1 then when you “jump again” 2. See how that worked. when you are done you can trace how many jumps you made. LOL

    I any have some one in my mastermind that uses on. I will check for you. MSG me Thursday.


    William lined me up with a guy so I am all set getting my list done. Sorry don’t know what skip 1 skip 2 is.

    Sorry I mean jump 1 jump 2

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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