What Happens to Real Estate When There is HIGH Inflation

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  • Read this from Jack Miller’s Money Matters course (included with your Premium Membership)

    What Happens To Real Estate When Inflation Goes Up?

    Thank you Jackie!


    For anyone who has taken Jack’s classes and those that Peter offers, they will do fine, inflation just another invitation to make money.

    Jack taught this in his classes and there are so many spots that a person can make a mistake somebody does need to be careful, purchasing on an option. A well-written option will help you avoid all downturns.

    I myself am using options as an installment contract for option when I sell my properties. They’re not a typical option they do have a clause that includes interest and I’ll never forget the night that Jack came to my room at the hotel and said.

    I’m very sorry I couldn’t answer your questions in class!

    We went to dinner and he simply told me I was thinking outside the box! And that was a good thing and it has been on every transaction is done.

    Inflation should not install fear in any one transaction and if it does they need to learn how options work and how options and that the inflation or as a purchaser, you can use negotiations, and convince the seller that the world is falling in on them and give them a failsafe offer and you be the optionee.

    Dan Butler

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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