where should I start to find leads?

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  • Hello to all my name is Rachel. I have always had an interest in real estate investing. However, I have never had the funds to get started. In my current situation, I am literally broke. I do not have any money to spare, no job and no car. I keep reading into investing and there is this guy or that one swearing that you can get started with no money. There is so much information out there I do not know which direction to turn or where to start. Does anyone have any advice to offer on where to start my journey? Where can I find sellers or leads? How can I actually start with no money out of pocket, no job, and bad credit? Any good books to read that will offer more than general information that offers actually ways to get started? Can anyone offer me a to-do list or task list that will head me in the right direction? I am currently taking online classes, my current degree is entrepreneurship, however, I am thinking about changing my degree to real-estate do you guys feel this will be worth it as an investor? I heard that having a real-estate license can actually hurt you as an investor is this the same for a real-estate degree?

    What have you done for income in the past? What kind of jobs have you had in your lifetime?

    Rachel, you are here at the perfect place to start with the perfect support system.

    HI Rachael

    You can make money with real estate without buying houses. Wholesaling is the ideal way to get started. There are a lot of free articles in our blog about how to do wholesaling, how to find deals, etc. here’s one:

    Code Violations Are Wholesale Flip Opportunities

    My book Flip Deals goes in to great details about how to do wholesaling.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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