The Quickest Way To Make $10,000 To $20,000 Each Month – Coaching Call Replay

Topics: Highest Bidder Sales

The 2015 CashFlowDepot Convention is all about teaching you ways you can make more CASH and more CASH FLOW from every deal you do… and make that money faster!

A Highest Bidder Sale is a good way to do BOTH.  Sometimes you sell houses to the person who will pay the highest price (you get a lot of cash).  Sometimes you sell houses with seller financing so you get paid a down payment AND cash flow (you get the cash from the down payment plus monthly cash flow.

Options and Highest Bidder Sales remove the risk typically associated with real estate.

An Option is used to control the property while you do a Highest Bidder Sale so you don’t need to come up with much cash (usually less than $100), you don’t need to get a loan and you don’t need good credit.  I’ve done many Highest Bidder Sales where I had $0.0 invested in the transaction.

You can learn more about Options and Highest Bidder Sales when you listen to the replay of the October 21 Coaching Call.


My special guest speaker during the coaching call, Patti, is a lady from Houston Texas who is doing multiple Highest Bidder Sales each month often making $10,000 to $20,000… or more …per transaction.

Patti will be a speaker at the CashFlowDepot Convention January 9-11th in Panama.  There she will share details about how she gets so many deals and what she does to sell every property with a Highest Bidder Sale.

SAVE $100 if you register for the CashFlowDepot Convention before November 8th.


Enjoy the replay of the conference call.  I hope to see you in Panama in January.

Best of Success… and Freedom,

P.S.  Just in case you missed it, the replay from last weeks Coaching Call about the fantastic profits available with Assisted Living Facilities is on the link too.

P.P.S.  Want to save money on the Convention?  I have several people looking for a roommate to they can register with the 2 people discount plus save on hotel costs.  Please send an email to if you are interested in registering with someone else and/or sharing a room to save money.

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