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In the 21 years that I’ve been investing in real estate and running businesses I can honestly say that the one thing that has helped me be more successful is to travel.

It could be a drive to a different town a few hours away; but when I really need to get recharged I get on a plane to go someplace completely out of my element.

When I get out of my day-to-day routine all the sudden my mind comes up with new ideas, I get energized, and I get inspired.  When I get back home I hit the ground running to implement all the ideas I came up with while I was traveling.  And it pays off.  I almost always see instant results with more deals and more successes.

A lot of people think they can’t be away from their business for a week.  But it’s been my experience that when you have the ‘same old same old’ day in and day out it will put you in a rut.

The best thing for your business is to get away from it a couple times a year.  You’d be surprised how much a little trip will help you achieve more success.

Your trip could be a mini vacation.  Or it could be an educational seminar.

Or it could be BOTH, like the 2015 CashFlowDepot Convention in Panama January 9-11th.   Going to Panama will be very different from what you experience every day so it’s the perfect way to get recharged.

But it’s not really a vacation…

We will spend about 5 hours each day in the classroom. Three days.  Class starts at 9 am so you could get up early for a morning walk/run on the beach or a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

But you don’t get to just relax by many pools or on the beach the rest of the day (unless you want to). Instead, I have some productive excursions planned.

One day we will go 45 minutes in to the mountains for a hike in a rain forest and/or zip lining.  Talk about team building and getting over your fears!    We will also visit a 3000sf house made out of shipping containers and visit with the owners. You’ll be amazed!

Another day we will go see condos, single family houses and vacation rentals near the beach town of Coronado and Gorgona.  Plus you’ll get a chance to visit with some North Americans who are selling real estate in Panama.  (and smiling all the way to the bank).  They sell about 8 properties per month and have a unique system they will share about how to get listings, how to find buyers (usually cash buyers), and what two things they do every day to keep a steady supply of both buyers and sellers.  They will join us one night after dinner for those who are interested in learning more.

Even the agenda of this Convention are topics which you are probably not familiar with.  I specifically designed it that way so you would not hear the same old techniques and strategies rehashed over and over again.

It’s time to new innovative ideas…

Even if you have no interest in Assisted Living Facilities or Vacation Rentals or Highest Bidder Sales right now, you WILL learn many ideas which will help your business… I guarantee it!

However…you never know when the perfect opportunity will come along to do an Assisted Living Facility or a Vacation Rental or a Highest Bidder Sale.  You’ll know exactly what to do because you will already have the training.  After you hear the incredibly successful speakers you might need to rethink your strategies too.

The Convention will be like life support for your business if it’s not be going in the right direction.

If you want to get out of a rut, you need to get away from your business and get away from your daily routine.
That’s what worked for me.  And I know it will work for you too.

The CashFlowDepot Convention January 9-11th is the ideal way.  You could make it your Christmas gift to yourself.  You deserve it!

Like Jack Miller always said, at every event there are two seminars.  The one taught from the front of the room and the education you get from hanging out with like-minded people.  You WILL get new ideas and you will get energized just hearing what other people are doing.

Dinner is at 7 pm each night.  At the Bijao resort you have several choices for dining.. you can eat at the goes-on-forever buffet with lots of variety, or the Japanese restaurant, or Sushi, or the steak house, or the Mediterranean restaurant.  If none of that appeals to you there are always hamburgers, hot dogs and nachos at the Tiki Hut restaurant.   All food is included in your hotel room fee.  There is no additional charge no matter what you get.  Room service is free too.

There are three bars at the resort so a cocktail or glass of wine are never too far away and it is also included with your room.  A virgin Pina Colada is yummy if you prefer no booze.  You can have all the soft drinks, coffee and tea you want… no additional charge.

You pay one low price for your room then all food and beverages are included for no additional charge.   Put your credit card and cash away because you won’t need them while you are at the resort.

After dinner, the group can hang out to brainstorm real estate investing ideas (that’s where I’ll be), or take in the Panamanian show, or go to the Beach Party. There will be live music and dancing every night from 9 pm to 2 am (that’s not where I’ll be).

The bottom line, at the Convention you will be completely and TOTALLY out of your daily routine and it will help you get new ideas and get energized so you will be much more successful when you go back home.

Traveling has been the ‘secret sauce’ that has helped me achieve great successes.  I think it will help you too.

Learn More About the January 9-11 Convention in Panama.

It’s insane to think you can keep doing the same thing over and over again but get new results.  It won’t work.  You need to shake things up a bit.  Travel to a completely different location will help you achieve more success.

I hope to see you in Panama in January.

Best of Success… and Freedom,

Jackie Lange

P.S.  Save $100 if you register before November 8th.  If something comes up and you can’t make it, you will get a full refund.


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