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  • The recordings from the 2017 Panama Retreat are now available in the Premium Training section. You’ll learn:

    John and Lauren will reveal how they went from 0 houses and $0 cash flow to a thriving Master Lease business which produces $20,000+ per month in cash flow. With a Master Lease, you don’t need to buy houses to get this kind of cash flow. You’re not responsible for repairs. You don’t need to save up for a down payment or get loans when you do a Master Lease. And, if structured correctly, you will never get stuck with making payments on a vacant house. Master Leasing is simply leasing a house from the owner then sublease it to your tenant. Your cash flow is the difference between what you collect from your tenant and what you pay the owner. It adds up fast! In this almost 3-hour video, recorded at the 2017 Panama Retreat, you’ll learn:

    • How to Find Owners Who Will Agree to a Master Lease
    • Magic words to get the owner to say YES to your offer
    • How to find great tenants
    > Easy Systems for hassle free property management
    • Two ways you can structure a master lease
    • DOUBLE Cash Flow with VACATION or SEASONAL Rentals
    • BIG Cash Flow Without Buying The House


    In another new video, Patti and TK share details about how to do a Highest Bidder Sale. This is another way to make money without buying houses. You simply get a contract to buy the house below market, do a week of marketing to attract potential buyers to a two day open house where you accept bids for the house. You do not need to buy the house, you just control it with a contract. This unique selling method attracts hundreds of bidders and that helps get the bids up and UP and UP. You close a few weeks later and get paid! Some CashFlowDepot members have made as much as $279,000 profit on one Highest Bidder Sale. In this new almost 2-hour video, you’ll learn:

    > How to find MOTIVATED SELLERS who will give you an option
    • how to get the seller to say YES to a lower price
    • the single most important marketing trick to get a lot of bidders
    • how to get the price up up UP
    • Why a written agreement is essential
    • how to crank up the volume to do 2 or more HBS per month


    Need more leads? We have a new video to teach you how to get more leads too!

    Adrian will reveal how you can use a simple website and affordable online marketing to get all the motivated seller leads you need. You can use this same system to find cash buyers for your wholesale deals. After watching this video training, you will finally understand how to use these powerful techniques to get more – and better – leads fast! In this 3+ hours of training, you’ll also learn:

    > The most cost effective way to get a lot of leads – a website!
    • Why FLIP DEALS are a great way to get started and avoid risks
    • How to use Craigslist to Get More Leads and Find Bird Dogs
    • How to get your CREDIBILITY to go through the roof FAST
    • VIRTUAL WHOLESALING – How to do Flip Deals in Many markets
    • FREE and low cost ways to get more LEADS FAST
    • How videos can help you get more deals
    • How to get leads from mobile devices… …and much more


    This exciting new training is available to you, as a Premium member of CashFlowDepot. You also have instant access to a lot of other video and audio real estate investor training. Check it out!

    Enjoy the new training. If you have any questions about these strategies, please post them here in the Community Forum.

    thank u for the exciting information.

    Thank you for such great training.
    I have a question,
    If I will do HBS for best Down payment on Rent To Own Home, HOW DO I ADVERTISE IT?
    What are the signs has to say and what message has to be in my marketing materials, so it is not confusing for people who want the house?

    Thank you, everyone,, who can help.

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