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  • Hi All

    I added the New Member Introduction to a different area so we can all get to know each other better. My VA is going to move all the previous introductions to this area so they will be easier to find.

    For those who don’t know about me…

    I started investing in the mid 1990’s before that I was a stay at home mom for 12 years. I have 2 kinds, both in their 30’s now.

    I started with wholesale deals, then some rehabs (which i hated), then started buying subject to or with seller financing so I could keep the properties as rentals and build cash flow.

    In 2000, i started Investors can license the use of my lead generation web sites to get motivated seller leads delivered directly to their inbox.

    Also in 2000,I met Jack Miller. I knew he was special and his wisdom needed to be preserved. It took 5 years, but i finally talked him in to letting me record his seminars and got him on conference calls. That’s how cashflowdepot was born in 2007… as a place to share Jack’s knowledge.

    Now, some 20 years later, I am semi retired and living in Panama.

    Jackie Lange

    Your turn. Introduce your self so we can all get to know you better.

    My name is Arcinio and I met Jackie through a Panamanian blog. I’m from Panama and currently live in California. I’m rather new to the RE world. With n the last 2-3 years I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and learning about creative RE. I’ve done a few successful wholesale deals, dabbed in Lonnie deals and worked with others in a partnership. Overall, at this point in my life I’m working solely on quick cash deals. I’m 34 married with three small boys and one more (last one) on the way. Hoping for the girl. I’m a Minister, Professional Photographer and soon to be pilot hoping to do a few more deals to buy my own plane to fly around in Panama!

    From Greg Christensen:

    Greg Christiansen from Rockford, Illinois. Been in real estate two years. Finding the gurus last year thanks to my friend Clark has definitely amped up my knowledge. I already know exponentially more than many of my friends who have been in real estate 20 or 30 years. This is all thanks to Jack, Pete, Dyches and David as well as a host of others who I’ve learned from at various seminars. I am still pretty green as I don’t have a ton of deals under my belt. Right now I am looking at flipping contracts and buying and holding long term for income replacement so I can concentrate on wealth creation.

    Nice work on the website, it looks like it will take weeks to see everything on the site and you are still adding more! So far, so good. Looking forward to the Saturday online seminars. Thanks for helping me skip some very costly $150k lessons! Still trying to heal my brain after the information overload in Reno. Good stuff!


    From Simon White in San Diego.

    I have been involved in Real Estate for a few years.
    I have attended as many of Jack’s Seminars as I can in the last 18 months. I am looking forward to learning and interacting with the REAL experts in Real Estate, not the late night wanna be “Guru’s”.

    Best Regards

    [email protected]

    From Scott & Deb from Fox Island, WA (Yes, it’s a real island)

    First saw Jack and a host of his buddies at the “Real Estate Expo” in Orlando, Fl. Quit my job (23-yrs. as a machinist) on August 30, 2002 and have done REI ever since. My wife Deb, (a recovering RE agent of 18-yrs) let go of her license in Sept. 2003.

    We so much appreciate the “Real Deal” with Jack and the rest mentioned above. We would not be where we are without them sharing their RE lives with us.

    Looking forward to the Alaskan Cruise too !
    “Limbo on the Lido Deck”

    Sir Scott

    From Alex Bravo:

    I’m from Reno, Nevada. Was involved in Real Estate since 2002.

    I was a Software Engineer for 7 years and in April 2007 decided to take a plunge and quit my day job to pursue investing full time. That’s when I got my Real Estate License.

    Found Jack through this chain: Wayne Palmer -> John Behle -> Jimmy Napier -> Pete Fortunato -> Jack Miller.

    Started with single family rentals, rehabs, then tried mobile homes only, mobile home/land packages, land subdivision, upscale Lonnie Deals, private financing, now looking at options.

    I know, I know. It sounds like I don’t know what I want to do. That’s exactly right.

    I thought it was better to try many things before settling on one. Maybe I was wrong on that – time will tell. I feel like what I need right now is to stop doing many different things and focus on one thing.
    Oh, yeah, I need to find that one thing too.

    Alex Bravo

    From Gene Finley in Austin, Texas.

    Went broke in banking, oil/gas and real estate in Texas during the latter part of the 80s. Got in real estate about 12 years ago, primarily as a licensed realtor. Still hold a brokers licence in Texas. I have developed small commercial properties, rural land subdivisions, one mobile home subdivision. Currently involved in Lonnie deals as I think the market is ripe for this product in my area. I continue to look for land development deals in the Central Texas area.

    Wonderful, wonderful site and I am so looking forward to using the wealth of information ya’ll are making available. Thanks.

    From Jim Ingersoll

    Richmond, VA

    I had been dabbling in real estate on and off for many years. I have a masters in engineering management and thought I would be satisfied climbing a corporate ladder… nothing could be further from the truth.

    I started rehabbing a few years ago, I saw that home vestors marked up a house I bought by $35k and then started looking at other methods of investing. That is when I found Jackie Lange and the rest is history. She taught me to wholesale and so far this year I have closed over 70 wholesale deals.

    I am working to diversify now doing some master leasing, mobile home deals and seller financed wraps.

    This is an awesome opportunity to hear from some of the most sucessfull people in a changing market!

    Jim Ingersoll

    From Ken & Betty Sourk
    East Pasco County, Fl.

    We have lived outside of Dade City, Fl. for the last 12 years. We bought our first rentals after returning from Germany in December 1995. We lived in Germany for 20+ years, owning our own home and business. We had a network marketing business in Germany, France, Switzerland and Hungary. Ken has a Masters degree in Solar Physics. He is a pilot, navigator and completed 20+ years as a Lt. Col in the USAF. I am a wife, mother and we are grandparents of three wonderful boys. I have held a realtors license since 1996, which I put inactive in Jan 06. We got off on the wrong foot in real estate by going to ron legrand seminars, when I think of what was spent on his seminar, it makes me go UGH!!!!!!

    We are part of Jackie Lange’s group now and have learned much. We have been on 2 of Jack’s cruises and look forward to Alaska. I am concentrating right now on Lonnie Deals and looking for homes to Master Lease.

    Jack, when I hear you speak, my head spins. It is better for me to hear and hear again. Many times. Reading helps also.

    Thanks Jack, Jackie and Chris for this website.

    Ken & Betty

    From Robin Niemeyer:

    Hi there,

    My name’s Robin Niemeyer and I’m from Sausalito, California. I’m a real estate newbie, along with my husband, Richard. We sold our condo here in town a couple of years ago and moved onto our boat (great lifestyle, but stick with real estate – much better investment!). Now that the market is changing we’re looking to start investing for our retirement, so we’ll be buying and holding.

    I saw Jack for the first time last weekend in San Francisco, where he presented along with John Schaub – it was terrific. So terrific, that I signed up as a charter member here. So much to learn, but I know that I’m in the right hands with Jack and company. People in the audience at the seminar had been following him for decades…he must be doing something right.

    OK, I’m ready to learn….and take action!

    Many thanks for this extremely impressive website,


    From Jackie Lange:


    You come to the right spot.

    I starting in real estate in late 1995 but did not attend a Jack Miller seminar unitl 2000. Several people kept telling me to go see Jack. I thought, yea yea… he’s just another guru.


    I was totally blown away with the quality and quantity of information he provides and his integrity. His infomation has given me even more confidence and helped me grow my real estate business much faster and safer. I’ve been a loyal Jack Miller fan every since.

    The info at CREW will help you get going in the right direction.

    Jackie Lange

    From George Stevenson – Raleigh, NC

    I’ve been a student of Jack Miller for about 10 years or so. I first heard of him thru John Schaub. In Schaub’s course, he is always telling Jack Miller stories that are very entertaiing and informative. Someone in a Schaub class said I simply must take a course from Jack Miller, so I did. And have continued to consume seminars by Jack, usually a couple of times a year. Planning to take the Options class again for the third time in October. Jack’s seminars are as valuable for the other investors you meet, they are usually all experienced and have much to share with each other. I think this Forum will be a key place to ask questions and get good answers.

    From Carl Poehlmann:

    My name is Carl Poehlmann. My wife, Lona and I live in Petaluma, California. I have been a licensed contractor in this state for a long time, then a home inspector, also for a long time. We joined the Bay Area Wealth Builders (BAWB) in February 2006. Through that group we were able to pursue further education through some of the best including Peter Fortunato, Dyches Boddiford, Jack Miller, John Schaub and many others.

    Last week was the joint seminar in South San Francisco with Jack & John; the best money and time spent yet. Additionally, networking with other investors has been very productive.

    Last year we purchased 2 houses out of state for investment in areas north of Austin, Texas, specifically Round Rock and Georgetown, which seem to be good areas with appreciation. Now we are looking for opportunities to build cash and invest closer to home. Mobile homes are also intriguing.

    This website is a Mother-Lode of information which we intend to utilize to the fullest.

    Carl & Lona

    From Deano Vulcano – South Carolina

    I have flipped almost 200 houses here in SC. If I can do it here it can be done anywhere. I still buy a majority of my houses at the foreclosure auction. You just have to be willing to do more research than the other guy.
    I have built up a pretty good cash reserve, my kids are grown, I am debt free and I am ready to build some long term wealth. My main objective is to find the best vehicle to do that.
    I have been inspired in my career by Jackie Lange, whom I consider to be one of the most knowledgeable RE investors in the business. I have never met anyone more willing to share their insider secrets. When I heard she was going to be involved with this site I was sold.
    You can spend thousands of dollars on those so called ?Seminars?, which are really nothing more than a 3 day sales pitch for their more expensive products and services.

    I hate seminars! With the technology available today I don?t believe seminars are needed, Webinars are just as effective and much cheaper.
    I believe this site will supply all the info you need to successful, if you apply it.
    Looking forward to exchanging ideas.

    From Kim and Koa


    This is Kim and Koa from Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Kim and I have been together for the past eight years and have been dabbling in real estate for what seems like “forever.” Kim has been a student of Jack’s since she was in her teens. I got my first opportunity to meet Jack last week end in San Francisco. That was well worth the money. Jack and John are the greatest.

    Here in Hawaii I always thought there are no deals to be made here because of all the negative cash flow. Going to the seminar and to see how creative these guys are I learned that there is always money to be made in real estate, whether it be in the begining or at the end.

    Jackie and Chris, thank you thank you thank you is all I can say. What a great job!!!

    As I am still learning and haven’t invested in real estate yet, I kindly request of any one who would like to help, if you have advice for a newbie, I am all ears and eager to get my feet wet.


    Kim and Koa
    [email protected]

    From Don Wede:

    Hi: My name is Don Wede. I am North Central Illinois Spring Valley Illinois. I also have a home in Southern Illinois in Massac County. I have been in the real estate business since 1985. Thanks to Jack, Jimmy, Pete, John, Walter, Jackie, and my old “paper” buying teachers, I have had the fortune to have some great education.

    This is from Laurence Hansen in Fremont, California.

    I attended my first Jack Miller seminar a little over three years ago at the recommendation of Dave Wilson, a fellow member of Bay Area Wealth Builders. I’d been a student of real estate since leaving the computer software industry in 2003. Coming from a highly structured environment I found myself saying, “you can’t do that!” and then “can you do that?” over and over during that first Jack Miller seminar.

    I’d looked at a lot of houses, many of which would have made a good profit in subsequent years but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t believe property values would continue to go up as they did in the Bay Area and Sacramento.

    I subsequently took some side trips into a few other business ventures and general business education.

    Now I’m ready to look at real estate seriously again.

    I attended last weekend’s Jack Miller/John Schaub seminar in South San Francisco and jumped at the chance to become a charter member of this website. I expect to learn a lot and hope to add some value as well.

    Laurence Hansen

    From Michelle Kasper:

    Hello, I am just getting started in real estate investing. I went to Jackie’s seminar in Houston, TX a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by all of the information that she shared with us. Jackie mentioned Jack Miller’s name several times and could not say enough positive things about him so I figured I better google his name and that is how I came across this site.

    I am really looking forward to learning as much as possible from everyone.

    Michelle Kasper

    From Stuart:

    Great to see a Jack Miller (& Co.) web site. Just love to hear Jack talk about real estate–there’s nobody quite like him. I’ve been to most of his seminars the last 2 years that were in Fl., where I live. My problem is that I spend so much time working I haven’t been able to do much (well, to be honest, anything). I’m finally so fed up with my situation that I’m going get focused. Besides,it’s really too much fun to miss out on (and of course the money’s not bad either).


    From Peter Gauthier:

    Hi everyone — Peter Gauthier here from Arlington, VA!

    I’ve been a real estate investor for five years or so and have been operating mostly in Baltimore. I’ve been with Jackie’s Extreme Success Group for over two years and am thrilled about this new site!

    Thanks to Jack and Jackie for making so much great stuff available.


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