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  • From Brad Wickliffe:

    Hi all,

    I was introduced to Jack at the San Francisco seminar last month. Fellow investors here in Sacramento invited me to a John Schaub seminar when I began investing seriously about 3 years ago. They kept telling me I needed to go hear Jack too, amd so glad I did.

    Really looking forward to going through the material on this site and implementing ideas that will be successfull in this radically changed Sacramento market.

    All the best,


    From Jim & Kathy Cattedra:

    We have been buy and hold RE investors for 25+ years in San Diego. It worked well, but we realized it was luck, not a directed investment effort. Three years ago we started to learn creative RE from numerous sources, seminars, and 3 RE investor clubs. We now are qualified as RE professionals, but have so much more to learn. We are passionate about RE investing and how to make a deal work.

    Thats why we love Jack Millers ablity to throw out solutions, just like turning on a facuet. We expect this web site to be a goldmine of learning.

    We are now investing in 4 states.

    I just purchased a house in Texas for $45K, the repair is $20K, and the ARV comps run $110 to $90 K. My Realtor offered to buy my contract twice, at $5K and $10K,after
    my purchase my Realtor lined up a lease buyer for a $113K sales price, with a lease payment of $900 per month. The buyer needs credit repair for a year. The house is in an unincorprated open zoned, eclectic area, three miles from a desireable town with good schools.

    BIG QUESTION THIS WEEK IS: Should I go ahead with the fix up, lease to the potenial buyer in expectation of a sale at 113K? Or should I offer to sell the house to my realtor for 65K AS IS, and get out of town?
    Out of state fix up and leasing can become costly.

    Any advice is really appreciated.

    Jim Cattedra
    [email protected]

    From Jean Pizzoferrato:

    My name is Jean Pizzoferrato and I’ve been investing in real estate in Akron, OH for about 4 years, the last 2 fulltime. I’m fulltime not because I made a fortune in real estate but because I got fired from my job!! :) I guess that’s what happens when a person tries to be innovative. My least favorite saying is “We’ve always done it this way”

    Anyway Steve Cook told me congratulations when I told him I was among the unemployed. That, of course, was the best thing that happened to me–well, maybe the second best. The best think that ever happened to me real estate wise is when I went to Jackie Lange’s seminar in Texas and she found a roommate for me who was a “Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, et al, groupie” Both Jackie and Debbie raved about Jack & Pete and I’ve been to three of their seminars since last October. I’m also going to the one on Options this October. I’ve learned more from them for a lot less investment than all the other guru’s put together.

    I recently moved to Youngstown, OH, a very depressed area but a growing universty population and after reading Jack’s last 2 blogs, I’m going to invest here in student housing. Lots of people from California are investing here because of our low prices. They aren’t getting much as far as appreciation, but the cash flow is great.

    I would have introduced myself earlier but I just returned from the 2002 procrastinators convention.:)

    Very excited about this site and look forward to meeting all of you that are going to Jack’s seminar in October.



    From Richard Irwin:

    I have been a house investor for many years, and now mainly do private lending in the Dallas area. I am also a Jackie Lange groupie. I’m seriously interested in ELF investments e.g. easy, lucrative, and fun.

    From Heather:

    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Heather and I live in Dover, Delaware. I have been an RN for the past 15 years. I am new to investing and have been researching as much as possible for the last year or so. I am finally feeling like I am ready to start investing . I hope to be able to eventually quit working as a nurse and and do REI full time. I could use all the support and knowledge I can get so that is why I signed up for this. My husband is not very supportive :( but I am determined to make a new career for myself where I can have more control over my time and money.

    From Judy Payton:

    Hi There,

    I’m Judy Payton from Virginia Beach, VA. Six years ago I began investing in real estate, and three years ago I left my job as a college administrator to do what I’d always wanted to do, be my own boss. I still teach a couple of classes a semester because I love the classroom, but it is mostly on my terms; I can take a semester off any time I want. What’s more, I have great flexibility.

    I have just returned from the cruise to Alaska. I am so glad to finally be in the company of people who know what they are talking about and who aren’t trying to sell me real estate hype. I learned about the Jack Miller seminars from a member of our real estate investment club here in the Tidewater area. Also, I am lucky enough to belong to the same club as Lonnie Scruggs. While I’ve only briefly met Mr. Scruggs,(our club is very big,) I have read his books. After reading Lonnie’s books and attending the semimar, I am so motivated to get into the mobile home business. I look forward to many more seminars, workshops, and being a part of Crewealth.

    Unfortunately, I left my seminar booklet on the ship. As I was unpacking I kept hoping it would show up, but it didn’t. There were no more booklets printed. If any of you folks have two books, I’d really appreciate it if you’d send me one. I’ll be more than happy to pay up to $40 for it plus shipping. I’ve found that it would cost $40 to have the booklet printed at Kinko’s. My email is [email protected], and my home phone number is (757) 430-1996.

    Thanks so much,
    Judy Payton

    From Ann Atkin:

    Hello from Provo, Utah.
    I’m Ann Atkin and was introduced to Jack Miller in 2004 when I first started to invest in Real Estate. I love the people that I have met at these seminars and the value created.

    I now have 4 rentals and have fixed and flipped several other properties. I have also done my first development of 67 lots.

    I’m greatful to be a part of this forum and look forward to the shared learnings and earning$.


    From Nick Garrison:

    Well I just signed up. My name is Nick Garrison and I have been investing in Real Estate for 3 years. I do mostly buy and hold and am currently working on redeveloping an old mill town in Newnan Georgia. Most of the homes I plan on keeping as rental property. I work with my son Chris who handles to field work on our redevelopment as well as handles tenant issues.

    I look forward to this forum and being part of this group

    Nick Garrison

    From Travis McDonald:

    Hey Guys – My name is Travis McDonald from Magnolia, Texas or better known as North Houston. Saw Jackie at our Real Estate Club and thought what a wonderful person. Not trying to impress anyone just facts and knowledge and a desire to help. I have one house, bought it Subject To, put too much money in it, and have held it way too long. It is pretty however! So, yes, I’m learning as I go. Do not know Jack, however, Jackie had very impressive things to say and now reading your comments it will be nice to listen, learn, and shake his hand. Thanks for this magnificent site and I hope to befriend many of you over the next years.

    From Ken Coleman:

    Hi my name is ken Coleman. My wife Gayle and I just returned from the Alaska Cruise. We live in Houston, Texas. The combination of learning about Real estate Investing and seeing beautiful country was great. I retired last year from many years of selling corporate computer and telephony solutions to the fortune 500 customers across America. It didn’t take long to get board. I’ve since gotten my Real Estate License, bought and sold a town house, and have an inventory of eight lots around Houston. I’m thinking it might be an opportunity to put a mobile home on each lot and market. What little I know about Real Estate has come from Quincy Long, The Rich Club of Houston, and studying for my Real Estate License Test.

    I plan on being an active member and invester.

    I’m very appreciate of this web site and all who are responsible for it.

    Ken and Gayle Coleman
    [email protected]

    From Geoff Laundy:


    My name is Geoff Laundy and I live in San Diego, CA. I’m Canadian, an addicted (but recovering) novelist and a first-time RE investor. I’ve spent the first six months of my new career checking out a dozen of the most well known gurus. So far Jack Miller and his associates, with their collective knowledge and training are tops. The website is very effective.

    Look forward to meeting with other investors in the San Diego area.

    Geoff Laundy

    [email protected]

    From Bryan and Charlet Norris:

    Hello Everyone,

    We are Bryan and Charlet Norris from Sugar Land Texas (southwest from Houston) and recently had the privilege of meeting and talking with Jackie in Houston. She presented a very powerful endorsement of Jack Miller and this website and so here we are! We are new to the real estate investment profession, but are excited to get started. In order to reduce the learning curve, the multitude of information available here can certainly keep us moving in the proper direction. Thank you Jack n Jackie.

    Warmest Regards,
    Bryan & Charlet Norris

    From Christine Johnson:


    I’m Christine Johnson from Houston, TX. I am a new agent looking forward to learning more about wholesaling and investing. I joined as a result of attending one of Jackie Lange’s classes thru the Real Estate Investment Club of Houston. There seems to be a wealth of information here and I am excited to learn and implement everything!

    From Zena Ford:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Zena. I live in Antioch, California which is in Northern CA near San Francisco and Oakland. I also spend a lot of time in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties but I’d like to move to the Sacramento area soon.

    I am a former real estate agent and loan officer and I’ve been suffering from the paralysis of analysis for over 4 years. I think have finally found a cure but I’m afraid of shots and I hate taking pills! Just kidding…

    But seriously, I recently helped my boyfriend, his brother and his sister-in-law rehab a rental property on a small farm the wife inherited last year. I discovered I can do rehab work! And better yet, I liked it!! But most importantly, my boyfriend’s brother, an experienced rehabber and woodworker, is interested in doing some deals with me. Woo-hoo! I have a rehab partner! I’ll find the money and the deals and he’ll do the rehab (with my help). After sitting on the fence for over 4 years, I can finally get started!

    But then I realized that I still needed a little guidance and that’s when Jackie’s email arrived – I kid you not. One night I was asking for help. The next morning her email was in my in box. Maybe I couldn’t afford to go to the seminar in SF this year but I could at least try on a CREW membership.

    I believe I’ve located my first rehab suspect in San Jose and I think I have located the owner. But now, I feel the same old fears coming up; what if I say the wrong thing?, what if I sound stupid?, what if I structure the deal wrong?, where am I going to get the money to buy this house and for the rehab? ;-)

    No worries though. Stay posted. I’m not giving up on this. I’ll want to talk to you later about this as soon as I have more information.

    Bye for now. Thanks for having me.

    Zena Ford

    From Pedro Machado:


    My name is Pedro Machado and I started investing in single family houses in the Memphis, TN area about two years ago.

    After being overwhelmed by the number of people trying to get me to buy their Real Estate home study courses and seminars, I decided to research who had been teaching Real Estate Investing for more than a couple of years!

    I came across John Schaub’s book and then Jack Miller’s seminars. Since then, I have attended a few seminars by John, Jack, and Pete Fortunato.

    I am at a point where I’d like to become more active as a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur. I am working on implementing marketing and management systems that allow me to scale up while working a full-time job. Also, I am working hard to learn how to do this business without relying on institutional lenders.

    I’m looking forward to learning from other group members and contributing in any way I can to the group.

    I hope to meet many of you in one of the upcoming seminars!

    Best Regards,

    Pedro Machado
    [email protected]

    From Wil Christenson:

    Hello. My name is Wil Christenson. I started investing in real estate full-time almost five years ago in South Carolina. I still have several properties and actively invest there.

    I have recently expanded into Southern Florida and now travel back and forth between SC and FL.

    I started my investing career buying and renovating single family homes. I have also invested in raw land, small multi-family properties, some development, and mobile homes.

    I prefer to buy and hold, but I also wholesale, sell retail, sell on lease option and assign contracts.

    Although the bulk of my investing is still single family homes, I am interested in concentrating more on the mobile home market for a while.

    My brother Tom has recently joined me part-time as an up and coming investor, so we will both be posting here

    I met Jackie Lange at Bobby Redwine’s innaugural seminar in Texas. It isn’t very often in the real estate education industry that I meet gurus as down to earth and ‘real’ as those at the semianr (I also met Jimmy Napier, Bill St Clair and several others). Finally, real investors who truly want to help others learn and share their experiences.

    I am looking forward to learning from and interacting with this great group of investors and gurus.

    By the way, I read all the introductions in this thread before posting this. What a great resource we have in the people here. There is an incredible diversity of experience, skill sets, and backgrounds here.

    I look forward to getting to know you all more as we go.


    From Brett Ramsey:

    Hi everyone. My name is Brett Ramsey, operating in the metro Atl, GA area. I bought my first property about 8 years ago, but I’ve been investing in residential properties full time for a little over 3-4 years now. I’ve been a sponge for learning new creative investment information wherever I can find it & I’ve been doing some real estate appraisal work for 10 years.

    I started learning from reading A.D. Kessler’s monthly magazine & learning from the website. My sole investment strategy for the past few years has been to buy undervalued foreclosures and force the appreciation through the renovation of the property. Recently I have attended several of Dyches Boddiford’s seminars & webinars and have just been inpressed with all the creative techniques & information that is available to learn. I can appreciate his experiences & his command of the material, which oftens helps me avoid mistakes others have made before me. I understand Dyches has been a student of Jack Miller & he has suggested that we attend some of Jack’s seminars, so until I can do that , I wanted to become a member & learn from some of the brightest minds in real estate investment. I look forward to what lies ahead.


    From Lew Hopson:

    Lew Hopson here!

    I “met” you one Saturday at the U of H Hilton about a month or two ago. I got to the lecture seminar a few hours late and was only able to listen to you patiently and thoroughly answer questions for over two hours.
    L learned more there and was more inspired by that two hours of listening than I learned or was inspired by any of the seminars that I have paid for and/or attended for free or for minimal money over the last months to years.

    I downloaded “On Steroids” and am in the midst of building my buyer’s list before seriously committing to finding and putting as many single family dwellings as I can find under contract with a view to wholesaling them until I have enough capital to back rehabbing projects.
    I have
    a-number one credit and am determined not to use that credit unless I HAVE to. My wife won’t let me.

    I have a request:
    Please explain or get me to a source that succinctly explains exactly how I buy subject to (including a deed of trust and a note for the seller mirroring the terms of the original mortgage).
    I would like to know just how I would benefit from agreeing to pay the existing mortgage note of a house that the original owner owes too much on(ARV 100k, seller owes (5K).

    Lew Hopson [email protected]

    From John Barker:

    Hi, My Name is John Barker, From SC. Go COCKS
    I have been a builder for over 30 years. I built custom homes for the spec. market. I also have had my Real Estate License for 25 years. The industry has been good to me but I have found out that there is a better way with less stresss. I talked to Jackie some month ago but did not bye in at that time. I feel good about my decision to come in and focous on what jack is telling us. I too bought “ron legrand seminars” but could never emplement what he was teaching. I hope to go to Tmapa Fl. Thanks for all you do

    From Rafael Vazquez

    Hi, I have been doing RE investing part-time for the last 2 years and have attended lots of seminars locally in the Orlando, FL area. I am trying to concentrate more on holding some properties for cash flow and even though I have only 1 rental right now, I hope to be able to get 3-4 a year for the next couple of years. I am also planning on offering seller financing on some of these properties. My friend Pal Parker, a well known investor here in Central Florida told me about Dyches seminars and I had the opportunity to attend his last one in Alanta on seller financing. Great stuff!. Pal also told me how how much respect he has for Jack’s teachings and knowledge so I am looking forward to attend one of his seminars, most likely the upcoming one in Tampa, FL.

    Also, looking forward to learn as much as I can from everyone. The site looks like it has lots of good stuff.

    Rafael Vazquez

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