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  • From Fred Wilson:

    Hello All! Fred Wilson (Atlanta area) here. I’m happy to be a part of your group. I’ve been a Realtor since 1996 but now looking forward to making the kind of money I got in this industry to make…

    From Martin and Lina:

    Greetings. Our names are Martin & Lina. We would love to hear from any investors in NJ.
    Thank You
    Have A Blessed Day.

    From Will Moya:

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Will Moya I live in the Tampa Bay Area , FL. and I have been idle for a short while and am getting back on the horse.

    Please contact me with any deals in my area and or would like to share ideas where we can all make some $$$

    I’m looking for a cash partners for my wholesale deals, I am also interested in Holding some properties for cash flow / long term.

    My cell is 813-598-8344
    email: [email protected]

    Happy Investting Everyone!

    From Debbie Krantz:

    I’m Debbie Krantz, from Columbus, Ohio. I’m not exactly a new member but I never added my information.

    I’ve been a buy and hold investor since 2002. I’ve accumulated a decent portfolio of mostly single family homes. Unfortunately I missed the Jack Miller lesson on the dangers of bank financing. Right now I’m spending a good bit of my time trying to refinance some balloon mortgages. The good news is that I got long term fixed financing at a great rate. I only have one left to refinance, and that doesn’t come due until 2013.

    With all that in mind, my goal is to rethink how I can grow my business over the next 10 years. I’m looking only at creatively financed deals, possibly using some of my own properties as collateral to find even better cash flowing properties. I’ve also spent some time learning about notes, and how to use my IRA accounts to fund paper and/or property.

    It’s been a challenge, but I’m finding a few other like minded investors in my local area (obviously I can find lots of like minded people on this forum). My big goal between now and the end of the year is to form a study group to talk about the materials on the CFD website and how to implement them.

    I look forward to learning with all of you how to use Jack Miller’s ideas and concepts to get financially free in 10 years or less.

    From Lee Nielsen:

    My name is Lee Nielsen, my wife’s name is Patricia. We are in Portland OR. We own 3 rental houses in Memphis TN and are looking to acquire more and expand to multi family. Patricia is an interior designer and has 20+ years of RE experience. I am a rookie with 1 year under my belt. In addition to buy and hold we are looking for flips as well.

    From Scott Mann:

    Hi, Scott Mann from Tampa, Florida.

    My Brother Travis and I are Army Officers who began the treck on the real estate and investing path in 2007 and we are still at it. It became apparent to us that Army Retirement Pay wouldn’t come close to moving us to finanical freedom. So, despite numerous combat deployments and daily Army Grind, my brother and I have acquired several mobile home communities in Western and Central North Carolina, a few land home packages, and have built a property management company to help run them for us. Travis is now out of the Army, living in Australia, and I am still in Special Forces…just got back from my 3rd tour in Afghanistan. Tough economy, but we’re still moving forward and learning along the way. We could not have done this without mentors like Jack, Jackie, Dyches, and Lonnie Scruggs.

    As I get ready to retire from the Army this year, I’d like to start spending more time interacting with you guys in this community and further prepare myself for the transition that’s coming.

    I look forward to all the good times that follow.

    De Oppresso Liber!

    Scott and Travis Mann

    From James Coley:

    Hello my name is James Coley. I am new to the group. I have heard great things about the information and people here. I was referred by Danny Williams. I have a few 50/50 holds and in the process of some wholesaling. My wife (Heather) is a licensed agent in Ga. We “work” the south side counties of Atlanta.

    Made lots of mistakes and learned what not to do. Starting over.

    Looking forward to moving forward !!!

    From Chris Carter:

    Hello my name is Chris Carter. I work with my Dad Chris Carter Sr as a real estate agent in San Diego County. I have been in the real estate industry for about 7 years and I love it. I have done a couple of flips about 5 years ago and am looking to get back in the game of real estate. I am looking for the fastest and most efficient way to market to wholesale some homes to make quick cash. If anyone has some great ideas please let me know. I am really excited to be here.

    From Eddie Lam:

    Hi my name is Eddie Lam, I am from the Bay Area, I have heard good things about this website. I am a newbie here, I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of information from this website. I am hoping to learn more and use the knowledge to make at least 3 deals in 2012.

    From Jbaucco:

    Greetings from sunny Cleveland Ohio! So glad to be here and excited to learn. I started a residential rehab company this year and successfully completed two properties. Now its time to acquire a cash flowing multi-family property. Any Cleveland locals with success? Would love to dialog with you!

    from Jose:

    Hello all my name is Jose;

    from Phoenix AZ. I am excited to start learning and begin DOING deals here in AZ. Thank you!

    From Ken Linden:

    Hello! I’m Ken Linden (Jr) from Bremerton/Port Orchard, WA (just outside of Seattle).

    I’ve ‘studied’ REI for quite some time… quite a collection of books and a couple of courses.

    For me, now is the time to get started in earnest.

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to meet Jack personally, but I am thankful that he’s left quite a legacy for all of us.
    His insights are refreshing and ‘reality based’….. if he could do it, so can I.

    From Carlton White:

    Hi, I joined the site to actually be able to hear the best real estate information around. And really more importantly to overcome fear. That is why Jack Millers Facing the Fear factor is something I like listening to. I think it is a mistake now not to have gone to seminars as I have known about the advantages of real estate forever and never did anything. The seminars would have been good as there are people there doing the business and not negative toward real estate investing.

    I want to build up courage to do deals; more importantly I want to really learn as much as can to leave the knowledge to my children as I have let a lot of time slip without doing anything. It took me time to even have the courage to write this and I guess that is silly.

    Carlton White

    From Arcinio:

    Hello Friends,

    My name is Arcinio. I am the newest, greenest one here and I’m looking forward to learning some of the strategies used by some of the best RE investors in the nation. I’m 32 years old, married with three little boys ages 7,5 and 6 months. For years I have lost tons money and taken many gambles at “get rich quick” scams. Then I received BS degree in business and work for a unversity as a director and still not happy. I then realized that the best way to obtain financial freedom is through investing…RE investing that is. Of course there other ways no doubt, but this seems to be the fastest with little or no risk.

    For hobbies I enjoy gardening, biking, hiking, camping and traveling. I am also a professional freelance photographer and have started a small photo business when I was 22 years old. My favorite place to photograph is Panama of course! I am a Panamanian native and will soon be moving back to start a church in David Panama. I speak fluent Panamanian Spanish and am also fully Americanized. I have lived in California since I was 6 years old. I feel a very strong call to move back and indeed need to raise funds to start church down there. Hopefully I may be able to take what I learn here and apply some of it in my country. It would be a blessing to make money while I work as a full time pastor/missionary. I found a perfect building in David Panama, there’s only one problem…it cost 700K! Hence, here we go by faith! Time to do some RE deals before I leave in December (I just found 6 run down homes with lots of equity) I’ll need your help no doubt.

    God Bless

    From Lotus1922:

    Hi everyone, I just joined Cashflow Depot yesterday and this is my first time posting. Investing is a completely new world to me so I am really eager to learn as much as I can and meet some seasoned pros willing to help me learn the ropes of this business!

    I’m in my mid-20’s, part-time employed but realize that I hate being someone else’s wage slave and want out of the rat race. The entrepreneurial life has long been calling me and it’s about time I answered, so here I am with a dream of creating enough cash flow from property investing to live off each month without having to work a job I hate. I don’t have a lot of “startup capital” to lay out right now, but am willing to “bird dog” for mentorship in the ways of master/ sandwich leasing to get my foot in the door. Eventually I would like to own a number of properties for equity building. I will be leaving my current job in six months for health reasons, so even a partial leg up on my first goal (monthly cash flow) would be a great help.

    Obviously I will be doing a lot of studying through the wealth of information available here, but if anyone can point me in specific directions I should be focusing on, that would be great! What should I be reading, listening to, who are the people I should be talking to and adding to my team (particularly interested in real estate attorneys and CPA/ tax advisors who can help), etc?

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to increasing my financial IQ and becoming involved in this exciting community.

    — S.

    From Josh Moreland:

    My Name is Josh Moreland,

    I have been in real estate about 11 years, I started buying long term keepers, I have also flipped , and done wholesale deals, However my favorite is still to keep adding to the long term hold portfolio. I belive now is a time where we will see a major wealth transfer from those who can buy and hold. (Buy Right is the key). I have made many mistakes and have learned alot, but still have a passion to learn more. I know the speakers on this sight are some of the best in the industry, so I am excited to learn more from all them, and all of you as well. Thanks for reading

    From Ron Steele:

    Hello my name is Ron Steele and I’m from Alabama.

    I play basketball in Europe and live there for 9 months out of the year. I want to get to know everyone in the community and learn as much as I possibly can.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    From Terry Bailey:

    Hello everyone. My name is Terry Bailey and I have been a CashFlow Depot member for almost a year (ever since the Mobile Home Boot Camp. I have been busy trying to absorb all of the audio and videos you have available. That means I only recently started looking at the Forum. I am learning a lot from all of you. I am a school teacher in Indiana, and am starting my 40th year of teaching chemistry and second year biology at a small school in the northwest corner of the state. I still love what I do, but need to find some alternative sources of income. I do okay in the stock market, but need a more dependable cash flow. I am interested in mobile homes first, but many of the parks in this area are large, and run by Sun Corp or other big companies, so they don’t want me working their turf. Many of the smaller parks are managed by the owner, so there is also some conflict there also. I am starting to expand my circle, and keep looking. Keep up the good work, and I hope you close some great deals.


    From Lev Mills:

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Lev Mills. I am a licensed Broker in GA, interested in getting back into real estate investing. I recently created a Property Management co for Buy and Hold, and Wholesale strategies. I still feel like a Newbie and willing to learn as much as I can. I?m looking for support and knowledge and always open to sharing a Broker / Agent perspective.

    From Rich DuFour:

    Hi Folks,

    Rich DuFour here. I live in the Saint Louis, MO area. Started Wholesaling houses back in 2005-06. Got away from it for the last few years but I want to get back in and replace my JOB income. Looking for some strategies that will work in today’s market.

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