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  • From member:

    Thanks Greg,
    I was told by someone else that it would be over my head, but I find that when I get over my head I take action, and your encouragement helped.
    Now, I would like to know who else is going and find some females to room with to keep the cost down.
    This site is super!

    From Kelly Caraway:

    Hi, this is Kelly Caraway. My husband and I have bought, rehabbed & sold 3 properties so far, and would like to learn how/by which means to step it up, as we have only been able to do 1 rehab a year (they have been extensive). A friend and I began a real estate investors networking club in our hometown and a long-time local investor turned me onto Jack Miller. I made my first affiliate money by getting 2 others in the club to sign up for the year special. A lot of info – great! I’ll keep making my way around the site & stumble onto things!

    From Jackie Lange:


    Rehabbing houses is only one side of the business. You can accomplish a WHOLE LOT MORE “faster” if you buy houses that don’t need much work — especially when you buy subject to or with seller financing.

    When I buy houses, if it needs much more than paint and carpet I either pass or flip it. I want to get the house and get it rented as fast as i can. Evry day I’m getting something fixed up it is costing me money.


    From Georgia Emmett:

    My name is Georgia Emmett. I went to many of Jack’s seminars in the 80’s and was an active investor. I moved from Houston to Florida. I am now a real estate agent. My husband become interested in RE investing so I looked up Jack Miller again and was so happy he was still active. He has so much knowledge to impart. I’m glad to be part of this.

    From Chad Carson:

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Chad Carson. I am a full time Real Estate Investor in Clemson, SC – the northwest corner of the state near Greenville.

    I’ve read every book of Jack’s that I could get my hands on, and I highlight and take notes from his newsletter each month. I love studying and using what he teaches.

    I have been actively investing for 6 years (started when I left college), and I’m taking my first mini-retirement this August with my wife. We’re going to South America and New Zealand for 4 months. Part of the inspiration for this was reading stories of Jack’s trip around the U.S. once he got his properties cashflowing. Real Estate investing done correctly can be awesome. Thanks Jack.

    I just joined CREwealth and I look forward to learning from and sharing ideas with like-minded people.

    See you on the forum,

    Chad Carson

    From Mark Perlik:

    My name is Mark Perlik. I’m from Santa Cruz, CA. I found out about Jack from the San Jose REIA group and I’m excited to have access to the wealth of knowledge on the Depot! The first course on real estate investing I bought was on wholesaling, about ten months ago.

    Since then, I’ve been busy studying for my CA Acupuncture licensing exam, but planning on getting more into Real Estate Investing once I’ve accomplished that goal. Well, my exam was on 1/21, and here I am, ready to learn!

    I’m most interested in learning wholesaling right now, as I could use some quick cash to get out of credit card debt (some from an expensive RE coaching course which hasn’t really paid off, but has helped me get more focused). My biggest question right now is what area to focus on doing wholesale deals. Where I live, in Santa Cruz, the average house price is still around 600k. I’m not sure, but wouldn’t it be smarter to start with lower priced houses, say, around 100k? If so, where? The low end in Sacramento, CA is around 120k….otherwise, it’s out of state, where I can’t really see ’em. I’d love some advice on this matter….


    From Kevin Blackburn:

    Hi my name is Kevin Blackburn and I am brand spanking new at this. I thought I knew a thing or two about RE but the more I listen to FOW at the Depot the more I realize I don’t know anything.
    Can someone please explain/ define options. Thank you


    From Joy Allen:

    I am a hopeful newbie. So far I have been trying to learn as much as possible ( I am a bit overwhelmed, but hopeful that it will all start to gel soon) I glad to have this site as a resource,
    Joy Allen , Oakland Ca.

    From Remy Dorman:

    Hi Everyone!

    My business partners and I started our business here in Orange County, CA, about a year ago. Our specialty is Short Sales – at both an investor and retail level. (When the bank doesn’t accept our investor offer, we will put the property on the market and sell it at the retail level and collect a fee for our services). We also just recently started trying to purchase REOs.

    I am very happy to find Cash Flow Depot! We are interested in learning how to think “outside of the box” with creative financing.

    I look forward to learning!

    Thank you,

    Remy Dorman

    From Will & Katja Moya:
    Tampa, FL

    I am a Real Estate Entrepreneur not a Real Estate Investor YET! (Jack Thanks for the clarification).
    I have been in the game for about 4 years, currently recovering from the last few years. I am re-learning and re-structuring my business. I have two children and another on the way, currently serving in the Air Force Reserves. I have done close to 50 deals. And I LOVE the Real Estate Game, so i refuse to give up and get out. I found my passion so I cannot stop learning despite of the temporary real estate hiccup. I really want to grasp a concept of two that i can perfect so i can build the momentum I once had because I refuse to go back to work for corporate America and put my families future into someone else?s hands.

    Jack and Jackie, my family thanks you for your leadership, incite and positive guidance.

    Will Moya
    Tampa, FL

    From Diana Douglas:

    My name is Diana Douglas, I made a drastic error, loaned money to a contractor $73,000 to remodel/sale homes. He was to pay me 12% interest and have my money back w/in 1 year. (I am a single mom, veteran, & disabled, this was my retirement money). The funds were deposited into a mortgage brokers acct., contractor & broker told me house they’re working on is worth $280-$330K, then the market turned & they dumped this unfinished house in my lap to try to recoup my money. Now I find out the house was NEVER worth that much. Both broker & contractor had bankruptcies 2 years prior & did not disclose that to me. I am so stressed I can’t think rationally. I have filed a police report against them for embezzlement/fraud. But apparently law enforcement is inundated with similar complaints.

    I desperately need a mentor, with some ideas and guidance that could help me turn this situation around.

    From Remy:

    Hi! this is Remy. Love all the education and creative ways to invest. I’m still fairly new at this, but sure do appreciate all the information and the willingness to help us newbies! I was fortunate to be able to hear Jack, John Schaub and Pete Fortunato in San Francisco this past May. My business partners and I have been extemely motivated to apply all that we learned. Thanks again for this incredible information and support!

    From Bradley Gong:

    Hi everyone —

    My name is Bradley Gong, and I’m a new investor from Sacramento, CA. I’m following Jackie’s advice and building my Buyers List prior to finding houses to wholesale. I’ve got a solid list so far, but would like to add a few more to my list of people to contact when I find great deals! If that interests you, please let me know so I can follow up to determine what property/deal characteristics are most desirable to you, so I can just bring you deals that you?ll actually want to look at.

    I look forward to your reply and also to getting to know other CashFlowDepot members.

    — Brad

    From Mark:

    Hi, I haven’t been on cashflow depot for a while, so I wanted to reintroduce myself and ask a question that’s been on my mind….

    When I recently became interested in real estate investing, I got a bunch of great information about wholesaling from Jackie. I got stopped in my tracks when I realized that I would have to approach buyers and try to sell them houses…

    Is there a particular niche of real estate investing or some similar wealth building technique that I could get into that doesn’t require much speaking? I’ve stuttered since the age of 6, and selling, negotiating, and even just networking is a bit challenging for me. Although I am working to improve my speech fluency, it would be great if there was something I could do right now to build wealth which would probably also increase my confidence and, in turn, improve my stuttering!


    From Jackie Lange:

    Hi Mark. WELCOME BACK!

    Don’t let your stuttering get in the way of your success. Sellers could care less. All they want it to find someone who can solve their real estate problems.

    Wholesale buyers could care less, all they want it to find a great deal

    There is a way for you to sell your wholesale deals with minimal interaction with your buyers. You can post the deals you find on for FREE.

    At you can sell your houses with an ONLINE auction. So you don’t even have to speak to the buyers.

    Use Craigslist and signs in front of the house to drive traffic to for prospective buyers to submit their bids.

    Much of the interaction with sellers can be done with email or letters.

    You can also make money by being BIRD DOG for other investors. Drive around to find run down houses then submit then at The leads you submit will go to investors in your area who are members of They pay at least $500 for each house they buy because of your lead.

    There’s always a way!

    But seriously, don’t let your stuttering get in the way. Sellers and buyers just want to deal with an honest person who can help them.


    From Andy Standen:

    Name’s Andy Standen from Apex, NC. While I am not a new member (>1 yr) I have as yet to get involved with the forum.
    I have beeen investing since 2007. Got spanked in ’08 as the market softened and then declined. I have been able to unload all my nonperforming properties so am now looking to get involved more creatively. My spanking removed most of my ready capital.
    I am talking with owners of inherited properties as well as motivated sellers in the areas outlying Wake County, NC.
    IF you want to buy, invest or co-invest in cash flow properties in central NC drop me a line.
    If you come across a deal in central NC but cannot put the deal together, drop me a line as well.


    From Tim Wise:

    Hello Jackie,
    Tim Wise in Las Vegas here. I am finally in a position to review the materials here on this site. I have to say Amazing!
    Thank you again for your inspiration!

    From Brian Kelly:


    I am Brian Kelly from Chattanooga, TN. Real Estate Broker for 20 years. Relatively new investor for last 1 year purchasing 55 short sales, 2 wholesale flips, own 1 commercial building (5 yr lease with Home Health Co.), Purchased 2 Notes recently from Large Bank (they are foreclosing construction commercial loans that are ballooning.)

    Full time investor and need to generate quick cash flow, and some lump sums to knock out major medical bills, and unsecured debt.

    Really enjoying exploring the forum for good ideas. I have way too many deals and not enough brain cells and experience to analyze them. I am excited about the power of this group to help, and perhaps I can help with some of my experiences.

    From Steve Williams:

    Hello Everyone:

    My name is Steve Williams, i live near Wytheville, VA. and i am new to RE Investing, and i am very excited about learning and using all the information found here. and to have success story of my own to share very soon. and i hope im posting this in the correct subject.

    I also hope to find someone who would be willing to Mentor me through a few deals, with the profits divided 50/50,
    i am not looking for someone to do it for me, but to personally walk me through the entire process.
    if you might be interested,, please contact me at :

    [email protected]

    please put “CASHFLOW MENTOR” in the subject line , so it wont be deleted as spam.

    and i thank you all in advance for your time and assistance.


    From Elizabeth:

    My name is Elizabeth and I have been wanting to invest in real estate forever it seems I joined CashFlow Depot on December 31, 2010 with the intention of doing this for real now. I decided wholesale options deals are the way to go for me and I got my first one just a few days ago! Thank you Jackie and all the conference call guests for all your help and encouragement.
    Now I just need to sell it and make my first “paycheck”! Any tips out there?
    in the middle of a cactus patch in Tucson, AZ

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