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  • From Joe Karbus:

    Hello…this is my first post although I have been attending RE seminars from the Florida “Six Pack” for the last ten years and was introduced to Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, John Schaub, etc. by my friend, Jack Fullerton. I live in Southern California and have one administrative question: Ive joined the month to month $29.95 plan-does the billing automatically recur each month or must I renew my membership each month?

    Also, I currently have a SFR ownership problem and would like to know where to post my dilemma so that I don’t post incorrectly.

    Thanks to Jack and peers for this forum.


    Joe Karbus

    PS-sorry I posted in another area incorrectly.


    the monthly billing is automatically billed.

    However, it makes more sense for you to join as an annual member now since it is on sale for $97 for 12 months.

    From Jimi:

    Howdy –

    I was a pup in 1989 when I went to a Jack Miller seminar. I thought he was a nutcase. I proceeded to accumulate a few houses with standard bank financing (full recourse). Everything was great until vacancy and non-payment hit. I sold everything at a loss and started over with newfound respect for Jack.

    I’m a buy-and-hold investor focused on a 3 zip code geography. I do very few deals, with very wide margins, typically owner-financed. Until this month, I hadn’t purchased a property in nearly 6 years, as my Northern Virginia market made no pricing sense to me (apprx. 200 offers rejected). I only sell when tenants beg for the property. Fortunately, a few did from 05′ to 07′.

    Anyway, the market looks good again for buying. I just closed one nice deal and have numerous prospects. I’ve joined to hone the insights of Jack and the community.



    From Gary Covert:

    Hi everyone, I am Gary Covert in Phoenix Arizona. Last week was a HUGE eye-opener for me as to what is possible in real estate investing. The Money Makers Seminar in Santa Ana, CA was fantastic and well worth the time and money. Jackie and the rest of the team put on an outstanding program. Looking forward to learning a LOT more.



    from Gary Covert:

    And I should also mention I am taking Jackie’s advice to heart and starting out with the wholesaling. So if anyone is interested in buying in the Phoenix area let me know and I’ll get you on my list to hit up.


    “Today I will give everything I have to give, for that which I try to keep, I will lose forever.”

    From Winston Hahne:

    Hello, my name is Winston Hahne and I am from New Jersey.I have been in Title Insurance for 15 years and a part timer in investing for the last 12 years.Earlier on in my investing adventures I stumbled my way thru successful transactions.Somewhere along the line I managed to handicap myself with tunnel vision and got myself stuck in the swamp with some very hungry alligators.In the last year,I have been retraining my brain.I attended some boot camps(very expensive ones)with some of the “big Gurus”,but soon learned that joining your local REIA group and learning from the Illustrious Jack Miller and friends(like Pete Fortunato)was more insightful.I have learned more listening to Jack and friends audio/video seminars on this website then the $16000 that I have spent on bootcamps!I recommend this site to all. I hope to be gainfully unemployed in the next 2 years.I will forever remember and be grateful for the lessons from Jack Miller and friends(this includes you too Jackie).

    From Jackie Lange:

    Hey Gary,

    Glad you enjoyed the Money Maker seminar – it got RAVE REVIEWS.

    Wholesaling is a good place to start but keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities. Even if you don’t want to do the deal, you can get an option on the property and sell your contract to someone else ( all risk free)


    From Tina Bow:

    My name is Tina Bow, and my partner is David Russell. We are new to Jack Miller?s group, and it is an eye opening experience. It’s great to hear from real people with real deals and experiences, who are also willing to share their precious knowledge with strangers. I am in! And you will see a lot of me in the future.

    We are buying foreclosures and rehabing them for resale. We bought our first one for $249,900, and just got an offer for $389,000 (but it was a major fixer). Good for a first project. We bid at both the Los Angeles and Orange County auctions. We were also thinking of doing some wholesale turns, but don’t yet have the connections.

    From Bo Snell:

    Hi, my name is Bo Snell, My wife Mandy and I have been high end custom home builders in Sacramento CA for the last 25 years. We have been well trained in contracting and speculating over the years. We have spent the last 9 months preparing to change our bad habits in to a successful real estate investment career and feel fortunate to have been introduced to Jack Miller’s center for real estate wealth from Dave Wilson. We are soon to be active wholesalers and would like to meet anyone in the Sacramento region that would be interested in buying properties. In return if anyone needs help with the construction end of this business don’t be afraid to ask. We can be reached at

    We look forward to meeting everyone in Reno on July 12th.

    Have a great day.

    From Travis:

    I am very excited to be a part of this forum and look forward to networking with other investors. A few years ago I moved from Portland, OR to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where I started a home inspection business. I am currently looking for my first investment property and would appreciate any help you can give me. I might also be interested in partnering up with a seasoned investor for my first few transactions. My goal is to find my first property within the next couple months.

    From Donna Ross:

    Hi Everyone:
    I took Jack’s Option Course in San Francisco a few years ago (just as I was reentering the general real estate field as an Agent) but was on a leave until just this summer. I joined Crewealth immediately; and am learning the wholesale techniques, and am brushing up on the Options classwork; and Jackie also recommended I learn Masterleasing. I have many real estate clients; perhaps 1/3 of them are investors; so I will perhaps do some Jt Ventures, too. I am enjoying learning more techniques every day; and will likely do my first deal during October; at least that is my goal. I am based in the Central Coast of Calif right now; so will be focusing on the markets here.
    Donna Ross

    From Frances Williams:

    My name is Frances Williams
    I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and an currently living in Marin County, California. I currently own several rental properties down south and in the Southwest. I am interested in Tax Liens, Lonnie deals and owner financing/ subject to deals. There is an auction in 2 days in Sonoma County for a property that has tax liens on it. I looked up the property and believe it is from an estate. Is there a way I can pay the taxes before the auction to get control of the property?

    From Kevin Hou:

    Hello, this is Kevin Hou from Beaverton, OR.

    After graduating from college in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, I had my post-graduation crisis. The job market was horrible, and there seemed to be no place for an inexperienced graduate like me. After job hunting for a good seven months, I picked up a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” My life took on a different path from that point on.

    Long story short, I became a firm believer in Rich Dad’s teachings. In August of 2008, I was somehow persuaded, while at a Rich Dad seminar, to take a HUGE leap of faith that resulted in me investing $40k in their educational program, all on my credit card. Unfortunately, it’s not until after the fact when I realized the MUCH more affordable and quality resources out there for Real Estate education, such as this one. Nonetheless, it’s what got me started, and the $40k in credit card debt is definitely a big source of motivation.

    I have decided to first start with wholesaling to learn where and how to find good deals. I have done much studying and is now overcoming my paralysis from information overload as well as breaking out of my comfort zone to talk to people.

    I learned about Jack Miller from a respected local investor named Dan Butler and I’m loving the active participation from Jackie and other fellow investors, not to mention the wealth of information available here.

    Thank you very much for this community and I look forward to achieving true financial freedom with great velocity.

    Kevin Hou

    From Bo Snell:

    Hello Kevin,
    I attended Rich Dad’s seminar just as you did and was impressed at the time, but some how headed down another path that a allowed me to spend a similar amount of money over the last year. I feel fortunate that I was able to get a fairly diverse education but I felt I learn the most with the least amount of money spent from the seminars that Jack Miller and Peter Fortunato have put on over the last year.

    Welcome aboard and if you have any interest in investing in Sacramento California I would be happy to lend a hand. We are starting to become very active here as the prices have started to cash flow and we are expecting it to get better as the months go on.

    Let me know how I can help

    Bo Snell
    Advanced Realty Solutions

    From Randy Jones:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Randy Jones and I decided two weeks ago that the opportunity presented by this site was too good to pass up. I have no experience with any deals, but I have been reading (and dragging my heels) about real estate for a couple of years now. I am ready to get off my butt, and start working towards getting out of my current job. I know there are deals out there still, and I think this site will give me a boost in the right direction. I live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

    I’ve read Jackie’s Lesson#1 on the Wholesale flip, and if anyone can point me to the right area of the forum to find local CRE members I would appreciate it! Thanks.

    From Deidra Williams:

    Hello everyone, I am Deidra Williams from Thomasville, Georgia.
    My interest in Real Estate Investing began in January of 2008 when I heard of a free seminar on REI coming close to my area. I attended the seminar and have been hooked ever since then. I have wholesaled one property with another newbie and we ended up profiting $7k after it only having been on the market 40 days. Money invested in REI has been close to $15K and I feel liked I have been duped by a lot of fluff and no stuff seminars. I am ready to find the honest RE gurus and I believe I have found that with Cash Flow Depot. This website is great and filled with enormous amount of education that is economically sound!! Thank goodness. I will complete the recommended steps for learning on this site for new REI offered by Jack Miller. I am glad that I found and joined this team of gurus!!

    From Chris Kutz:

    Hello, My name is Chris Kutz. I have been in the construction field since I was 15, now 28. I should have my commercial license early this year and already have my residential. I will start working on my Realtors license shortly there after.
    My business is doing well even during these times due to the relationships I have built with people, but I know I can make it more.
    A friend of mine lead me to this site, and needless to say, I have not quit reading. The more I read the more the questions I have.

    From Susan:

    Hi, My name is Susan and
    I am a member of a National RE group in Greenville SC, and have observed many speakers, so I now want to take action and get serious and learn all I can about notes. I have not bought or sold anything yet, but I know I do not want to be a landlord. I listened to Jack last night and I hardly could process all that I heard. I was given a 3 mos free membership from a friend, and now I am contemplating going to the Tampa seminar in Feb. I would like to know if any female is going and would like to share a room with me. I was planning on flying in on the 5th and am finding out that SouthWest has some pretty good rates. My e-mail is Thanks and this site is amazing!

    From member:

    Newbie here, just real quick could you tell me what ELF investments are? There are no stupid questions?:ermm:

    From Greg Christian:


    ELF = easy, lucrative and fun. It is a David Tilney thing. He love to manage (especially Sandwich Lease) because it fits the ELF formula.

    You should definitely go to the tampa seminar–the first time I heard Jack, my head exploded. Go, learn a little (since he talks fast and deep), get confused a lot, and implement immediately. As time goes by, you will understand more and more of what he is talking about. He is extremely knowledgeable and has forgotten more than most of us will ever know. Best $495 you will spend in your life.

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