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  • From Sam Sanders:

    Hello, every one I just join Cash Flow Depot last month and I am totally Brand New in this great Industry,I found out about this site at the Investors Club directed by the great “Larry Harbolt” that in it self is enough to inspire a new commer.And I was told about “Cash Flow Depot” and I started listening to
    Jack Miller’s 12 Steps To Riches,and All this infomation I was recieving on how to invest in R.E. and on top of that Jackie,Bless Her Heat continued to send me even more incouragement to join that I just had to.And I have’nt regreted it since. I’m looking forward to joining all of you on the Forum for your expert advise.

    Sam Sanders,Tampa Bay.

    From Kevin Stroup:


    I’m Kevin Stroup from Indianapolis, In. Buying lower income buy and holds and lease optioning higher end properties. I am looking to network with others who are in the midwest.


    From Ron:

    Hi my name is Ron
    Well lets see, I am from a small town in central Oregon. I call myself a realestate investor retreed because I have built two port foliose in my life
    consisting of single family and multy family and lost both of them, I won’t tell you how I lost them except that I lost them in rhe same way.
    I began in the early 60s with out realy knowing I was investing. That is a strong hint as to my age. To fast forward I sold all of my holdings 99 and retired my brokers license in 01, When I saw the condition of rhe market I decided to jump back in. I plan to build a port foliose of mobile home parks through the state of

    From Howard:

    Hello, my name is Howard. I am 34 years old and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am a general contractor by trade, but have been desiring to get into real estate investing since I was 19. I have spent that time building up my career, and then launching my construction company in 2009.

    Looking back, I am kind of glad I did not start investing prior to the crash. I think this is a much more realistic environment for investing.

    My only RE investments to date are my first home purchased in the fall of 2011, and a mobile home I bought, fixed up, and resold for a loss of about $500.

    My wife is not too happy about that last one, but I look at it as a $500 lesson in mobile home investing. :)

    Santa Fe, by all appearances, is a crazy place to try and invest. The prices are quite high for the region, and the rent rates are not in alignment to the property costs.

    I saw something on Josh Hartman’s website that said “Invest in places that make sense so you can afford to live in places that don’t.”

    I like that and am hoping to use this site & forum to help me achieve my goals while still living in a place that doesn’t make sense.

    From Josh and Liz:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Josh. My wife Liz and I are excited to be new members! I have been investing part time in Real Estate since 2006 and absolutely love it. When my wife and I started working together in 2008 things really picked up. Just last week I left my 10 year job as a manager in corporate America to be a full time investor. We are taking the plunge! Both my wife and I are both licensed realtors and looking forward to focusing on growing our business (Investments/Sales/Property Management), and giving back to the community.

    One of our biggest questions right now is one that investors must always ask, how do we find the best deals?! Our area (Tampa, FL) is one of the target markets for large equity firms which now seem to be competing heavily for investment homes. The days of finding killer cashflow AND equity positive deals EVERYWHERE have changed. We are looking for some feedback on how others have seen this market dynamic effect their business and new strategies for finding deals before they are gone.
    Currently we work with: wholesalers, Craigs list, mls listings, just started sending letters and posting ‘we buy houses’ signs, and word of mouth of course.

    Also, with my recent transition to full time investor we are reviewing our portfolio and finances to ensure we have crossed all t’s and dotted all i’s. We currently hold some property in our personal names (due to conventional bank mortgage requirements), and others in 4 different LLCs (some multi-member partnerships). After taking a class on FL Land Trusts (which is where I heard from a classmate about Cashflow Depot), we are now researching trusts as a holding entity. At the end of the day we are looking for the most simple, cost effective way to protect our hard earned investments, but without overkill. There seems to be a lot of marketing out there selling very elaborate and costly strategies for asset protection, but I would be very interested to know what other practical investors are doing in the real world, Why they are doing it that way, and what has and has not worked for them in the past.

    We are excited to be members and look forward to sharing successes, information and challenges with fellow investors!


    Josh & Liz
    St Petersburg, FL

    From Fred:

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Fred and I live in Southern Indiana just across the river from Louisville KY.

    Although I am not a seasoned real estate investor, I do have some background in Financing. I was a loan officer for a mortgage company/broker in the past and I have bought and studied NUMEROUS books/courses.

    And with that last part being said I have to say THANK YOU to you Jackie and everyone on your team for publishing this website and all the great training. I am BLOWN AWAY with how much you give here on the site. It truly is the place to learn without spending a fortune to do so.

    I decided to go through some of the audios and videos and do some reading before I posted here. I wanted to get a feel for the site and info before I said anything. I am so glad to have found you guys as I have wasted so much time on other peoples garbage/info.

    I obviously plan on going through everything, but I was hoping that I could get some direction for a specific purpose.

    I have glanced through the new members quick start guide and I will go back to it. But I am already at a level of advancement educational wise where I need a specific tactic to understand.

    I know Options and their variations are king according to Jack and I am familiar with them.

    What I would like to know the best way to buy a house for my wife and I without using traditional bank/credit union financing. I already own one house that I live in now.

    However I bought this house on contract from my folks. It’s now paid off. What we are wanting to do is move back to California and purchase a house there using the creative techniques that you teach.

    Can you tell me what or where the 10 to 20% of info. is that I should focus on in order to get a house on my terms?

    And so far from what I already knew before coming here was that using an Option/Lease Option would be a way to do that.

    I am trying to spend my time as wisely as I can at the moment as we would like to make our move sometime about this time next year.

    If you could point me to that specific place here on the site it would be great.

    Thanks again to everyone here at THE DEPOT and I am looking forward to getting to know you.


    Just looked at my preview for this post. Wow. Does it not indent and space? Maybe someone could help me with that too. Thanks.

    From hloarte;

    Hello Everyone,

    I just joined the group and wanted to drop by and say that I am really excited that I took action. I am new to real estate but have been contemplating for a long time but finally got off the fence. It’s amazing how some of us allow fear to take control and dictate the quality of life we live. I’m glad that I am able to move forward and with the support of the group, I know that I will make this happen.

Viewing 7 posts - 121 through 127 (of 127 total)

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