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  • Hello From Middletown, DE,

    My name is Wydell Conley. I first got involved in real estate in 2000 as a Realtor until 2003. I stopped being a Realtor because while working a full-time job that required working 3 Saturdays per month. At the time too much of my time was being consumed away from home and family. In 2006 the auto plant that I was working closed down. I took a buyout and left. I tried real estate investing with 2 friends. Needless to say that didn’t go anywhere (Too much over analyzing) for about a year! Managed to flip 2 houses on my own. One for $10k and a 2nd for $20k. No systems in place. Doing it the hard way. Had to find another J.O.B. Since 2008 I’ve been working for CSX railroad. Ready to start again the right way, with the help of my new found family…CFD. Looking forward to being very successful and helpful to others along the way.

    Thanks Jackie & the CFD Family.

    P.S. Any members that live near Delaware, Please get in touch!

    Wydell Conley,
    E: [email protected]
    P: 302 754 1715

    HI Wyndell

    Thanks for joining CashFlowDepot.com Welcome to the family

    I really look forward to teaching you how to get your real estate business going so you can tell your J.O.B. goodbye

    I’m here to help!

    Best of Success… and Freedom,

    Hello everyone – I’m fairly new member to this site. I have always believed in buy & hold strategy. We own 4 houses. one of them is a vacation rental. We also invest in trust deeds via my SDIRA. I plan on attending the retreat in Panama this year. Looking forward to learn from Jackie and from each other. Cheers:)

    Hello Teneouss

    Sounds like you are off to a great start. Where do you live? Vacation rentals are a great way to increase cash flow but they are coming under attack in some, not all, towns.

    I look forward to meeting you in Panama!


    Hi Jackie,
    I live in Portland, OR. good friend of Dan Butler..He said Hi btw
    here is a link to our airbnb
    you can call me Charles.

    Hi, My name is Randall Miller and I am from Minden LA which is near the Shreveport/Bossier area in North Louisiana. I joined Cash Flow Depot a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed and learned from the wealth of info available on the site. I have been a Residential Appraiser since 2001. We have flipped a couple of houses in the past. I have also read and listened to many other teachers but after finding Jack Miller’s information I know this is the way to go. What got me turned onto the site was Aaron Mazzrillo. I was watching a you tube interview and in the video he mentioned Pete Fortunato which led me to this site.

    Is there anyone else on the site from my area? I am wanting to own rental property but I also want to wholesale property.

    HI Randall,

    We have a lot of members from Louisiana.

    Just so you know, the site is being completely rebuilt. When it opens in about a month, all the same information will be available – but better!

    Hi, my name is Mark Allred. I live near San Antonio, Texas. I just started learning about real estate in March 2017. I read the Deals on Wheels book Kindle edition, which brought me to this site. I have also been watching Jack Miller videos here. I have purchased or acquired 35 Kindle books on real estate and have read portions of some, only Lonnie’s book all the way through so far. I like the information I have seen on this site. I am very interested in creating my own notes as seen in Lonnie’s book. I would be interested in working with a mentor, perhaps starting with wholesaling in order to build some start-up capital to buy some Lonnie deals. I have created my profile here. I hope to meet and interact with many of you on this site. Thanks.

    HI Mark

    Thanks for joining CashFlowDepot!

    There are a lot of ways to create cash flow – Lonnie Deals notes are just one of many. You should also study the information about Master Leasing. With master leasing you don’t need to buy houses, you simply lease then with the right to sublease. Your profit is the difference between what you collect from your tenants and what you pay in rent to the owner.

    If you’re a premium member, watch the video recently added of Join and Lauren who have 40+ master leases which generate a little over $20,000 a month in cash flow. You can also watch the video of Kurt talking about Master Leasing – he was able to quit his job because the cash flow from his Master Leases exceeded his salary. Exciting stuff!!!

    Anytime you run across a real estate opportunity and you’re not sure what to do, jump on the forum. We will help you! We are your mentor!

    Best of Success!

    Hi my name is Jason Vezza and I live in the Austin, Texas area. I am completely new to real estate investing and have recently read Jackie’s Flip Deals book as well as Jack Miller’s books on options. I am also voraciously reading and listening to much of the information provided here on CFD. My last corporate job ended in February of this year and I am determined to shift out of the corporate world and into real estate investing full time. I will be focusing on wholesale flip deals to start and plan to build from there. I am super happy to be here and look forward to meeting and interacting with many members of the CFD family!

    Hi Jason.

    Welcome to the CashFlowDepot Family!

    The Austin market is on fire right now with many houses selling in 1 day with multiple offers over asking price. But there are some great opportunities in the surrounding communities.

    Even in Austin proper there will always be opportunity – just harder to find. There are a lot of cash buyers in the Austin market and they pay much more than most wholesalers will.

    The people I know who are finding wholesale opportunities in Austin usually find them by driving around – magnetic signs on your car will help too.

    Of course avoid new construction areas and focus on neighborhoods where houses were build 20+ years ago. You’re looking for run down vacant looking houses.

    Don’t overlook the opportunities in Mobile homes in the austin area. Do a google map search to find hidden mobile home parks. Then walk the parks. Talk to the park manager. Mobile homes can be bought for cheap then sold for 4-10 times more in Austin. I’m shocked at the rents on mobile homes in Austin too. Mobiles on land are another great opportunity there. I know a guy who has been doing mobile homes deals in Austin for 30+ years. With prices so high in Austin for single family homes, many people are looking at mobile homes for affordable houses – you can be the source.

    You should hook up with Bill Eisenhauer. (cashflowdepot member) He’s in Austin also. You two could go door knocking together sometime.

    Let us know if you have any questions. Your success is our goal!



    My name is Dawud Ali and I live in Atlanta Georgia since 2007. I work for the US Postal Service as a Building Mechanic which means I am into the building trades Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, Etc. I started a Home Improvement LLC in NYC (more as a necessity for extra cash) where I was born & raised The experience I have with real estate is to get the traditional FHA 3-5% down loan or conventional 10% down loan for any house after the first home was purchased. I purchased a second (handyman special) house on Staten Island and tried my hand at renovation but by not knowing the financing of a real estate deal it obviously went south and I went south with it (to Atlanta Georgia). I am looking forward to learning financing real estate or the art of the deal so to speak and in the grand scheme of thing I want to Buy, Renovate & Sell after perfecting real estate financing & options



    Welcome to CashFlowDepot! Sounds like you have been doing real estate the traditional way – getting financing and doing rehabs. Here at CashFlowDepot, you will learn a whole new way to buy houses which does not require bank financing and you’ll learn a lot of risk free ways to make a bug profit without doing risky rehabs which take a lot of cash to do and a lot of time to reap any rewards, if any.

    Getting options, you’ll be able to make the same kind of profits as rehabs (or more) but with very little expenses and no bank financing AND you get paid really fast, like in 30-60 days.

    Master Leasing will allow you to get all the cash flow from a house without actually buying it. Combine the lease with an option to control future appreciation but eliminate the risks of ownership. You are not even responsible for repair costs.

    Get ready to take your real estate business to the next level… fast… with the training at CashFlowDepot!


    Hi Everyone,
    I live in South West Ohio and interested in getting into Real Estate investing. This is all new to me and just trying to learn as much as I can right now. I have read some about wholesaling, owner finance selling, lease options, and master leasing. Trying to decide which option I want to try first and looking for a mentor to help out a long the way. I actually found out about this site from Prentiss Yates who I was able to contact by going to my first local REIA meeting.

    Welcome John. Prentiss is a first class guy. He would be a great mentor if he would take on the task. You came to the right place for great education and interaction with other investors.
    Don Wede

    Welcome to CashFlowDepot!

    Prentiss is a brilliant real estate investor!

    You mentioned that you’ve been learning about a variety of techniques and trying to decide where to start. It is best to determine what your needs are first.

    Do you need to generate big chunks of cash so you can pay off debt and/or build a nest egg? If so, then wholesaling or options then highest bidder sales are the way to go

    Do you need to generate cash flow to replace your income from your job? If so, then master leasing is the ideal way to get started.

    None of these techniques require that you have very much cash or good credit. You will not need to buy houses or fix them up. You will not need to get a loan. When a real estate investing technique has these elements, it drastically reduces the risks…which is exactly what you need to do when you are starting out especially… but always in my opinion!

    Things to avoid now: rehabbing houses, buying subject-to or with seller financing unless it is WAAYYYY below market (and you need to have an exit strategy planned before you go in to the deal)

    You’ll probably say that you need both chunks of cash and cash flow. I’ve found that it is better to focus on one ONLY for about 6 months, then you can switch to the other for 6 months. You’ll be more successful if you focus on one thing only when you are first starting. AFter you get more experience, you can work 2 or 3 techniques at the same time.

    Thanks for the reply’s Don and Jackie. I was wanting to gain as much knowledge as I could for about 3 months and then go from there. I have only been studying about 2 weeks and loving it . I want to be a bit more prepared before I jump in but, I also do not want to wait too long. My ultimate goal was to replace the income from me and my wife’s jobs with cash flow from real estate investing as we are both burnt out from our jobs. The mind set a Real Estate investor has is so different and I just cant believe it took me so long to open my eyes to it.


    The important thing is that you discovered a whole new way to make a living (without a job) which will produce financial freedom and financial independence. You’re in the right place to learn how to make it happen!!

    Greetings! My name is Kelly Fitzpatrick – I was told about CashFlowDepot by Don Wede. He told me what a terrific resource you all are. I agree! So glad he told me about this. In addition to real estate, I’m a mom and a wife. We live in the western suburbs of Chicago.

    Welcome Kelly.

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