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  • Hello!I have been a member
    for the past twelve months and this is my first post.
    I am looking for to do my first deal,but don’t know where to start.
    I need help.

    Hello Jocelyn! I’m also a new member, and I hope that I can give you some starting points! First things first, have you noticed that there is a picture/link right above the forum that says “New Member Bonuses and Quick Start Guide” ? If so, what have you done from that guide so far?

    Exc ellent advide

    Start with the new member bonuses
    then proceed to Module 2 training, then module 2
    watch some of the online seminars ( another one is being added this week… Money Matters)

    and TAKE ACTION after each module.

    Implement what you learn as fast as possible.

    Hi everyone, my name is Dan Williams and very new to real estate investing. I live in Fredericksburg, VA and I’m looking to do big things in 2016. Ilike the vibe here and hope that I will be able to help others as well.

    HI Danny. Welcome to CashFlowDepot.com

    We’re here to provide the training and help you need to achieve your goals in 2016

    Best of Success!

    Hello All,,



    My name is Kimberly Johnson and I’m from Port Saint Lucie, FL and I have done some wholesaling deals. Looking forward to do and learn much more.




    Good to be here.













    HI Kimberly, Welcome to the CashFlowDepot family! We look forward to helping you reach your goals in 2016 and beyond!


    Thanks Jackie!

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Ely. I’m in Washington DC. I’ve been messing around with rehabs on and off with little success. I’m ready to ‘get back on the horse.’ I’m especially interested in helping sellers by using options .This website seems like an excellent place to start. Also, if there is anyone doing Highest Bidder Sales in the Washington DC, MD, VA metro area, I’d love to volunteer in exchange for experience. Thank you Jackie for all that you are offering here. email: realcom100@gmail.com

    HI Ely

    Thanks for joining CashFlowDepot. You’ll find that a highest bidder sale is a lot easier than a rehab and usually more profitable too. Suggest you post in the Creative Real Estate Discussion area about requests to help with a HBS. There are certainly people in those area doing an HBS.

    Best of Success… and Freedom,

    Hello Everyone, My name is Rich Farrell and I live in Frisco , Tx which is a suburb of Dallas , Tx.
    I am involved in the Owner Financing model and do some fix and flips. I just did my first “Subject To” last week.
    I am looking forward to interacting with the group.
    Thanks Jackie Lange !

    Hi Rich,
    Welcome to the team. Look forward to hearing about your success and possibly doing a few deals with you.

    Hello everyone. My name is Arthur Kupferman. Brian Mann, a seasoned real estate investor in northern NJ recommended Cash Flow Depot to help me get my real estate business off the ground. My goal for 2016 is to purchase and sell 12 properties, through a combination of wholesaling and rehabbing/flipping. I look forward to learning from, and helping others, in this community.

    HI Rich

    Welcome to the CashFlowDepot family. You live in a HOT HOT area.

    Be careful about selling with owner Financing… Dodd-Frank Law limits that activity. Hopefully that law will be repealed next year.

    I bought hundreds of homes subject-to in the Dallas metro area. It is the fastest and easiest way to build a cash flow rental portfolio. Master Leasing is good too.

    Click on Creative Real Estate if you have any questions.

    Best of Success!

    HI Arthur

    Thanks for joining CashFlowDepot and welcome to the family! NJ has some big prices but that just means that the profits are bigger. We’ll help you meet your goal of 12 flips in 2016!

    Best of Success

    Hi, my name is Brian Holman, and I’ve been at this real estate thing for about two years now. I’ve searched for gurus during my investing career, and this is by far the most valuable resource I ran into yet.
    The thing that caught my attention was the Option approach. I’m researching it here, and I’m having a hard time finding information on negotiating Options on package deals , and to putting no money up for the option. Please help. If someone would let me know, I’d highly appreciate it.


    My name is Allen Catbagan from NJ. I was recommended by Brian Mann from NJ to join CashFlowDepot.

    I just began Module #1 and started reading Real Estate Profits on Steroids.

    By 2017 – My goal is to eliminate my housing expense every month. One way I thought of doing this, is by owner occupying or having control of a small multi-family residence and renting out the remaining units.

    While working towards that goal – I also want to complete at least 3 or more wholesale flips by 2017, to generate capital.

    I look forward to connecting with you all and be able to help any of you reach your goals.
    I am open to all suggestions .


    HI Allen

    Welcome to CashFlowDepot.com

    You could master lease a 4plex or small multifamily, live in one unit, then live off the cash flow from the others. OR, you could keep them all rented to increase cash flow which would offset your living expenses.

    There are a lot of ways to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Luckily we have all the training you need here at CashFlowDepot.com

    When you have a questions, click on the Creative Real Estate Discussion. We’ll be right here to help!

    Best of Success,

    Thank you, Jackie!

    Howdy from Portland, Oregon. I am Tom Kelly, a senior, along with my lovely wife Virginia. My background and profession was and still is Law Enforcement; which has become more deadly and with no future.
    We just came back from the Panama Tour a few weeks ago…WOW! Jackie is a very Special,Caring and Committed person; including her team presenters. All of us are so lucky to have her as our leader! We feel very blessed to have found her and the CashFlowDepot. Too bad we didn’t meet 20 years ago; I could have saved much money and time, from chasing GuRU’s, and learning nothing about how to enter this exciting world of Real Estate Investing.

    After returning from Panama, we decided to start slowly in the Mobile Home area, with “Lonnie Deals”; including getting his library and joining the Depot membership team. I have a bit of a learning disability and have to read, watch and/or listen several times, before I can get new material into my old brain. I have struggled thru all my education all my life. This includes not being a good computer geek or techie, but I have offset it with a “Won’t Quit, until I master it” attitude. However I still do need some hand holding and mentoring at times, from caring friends and classmates. We teamed up with another classmate from Northern California, who also wants to get into this niche, and will share ideas, thoughts and encouragement, for mutual success in this area. We will be happy to receive any help, guidance, or thoughts from members who have worked in this Mobile Home area, on how to grow quickly and find success. NOTE: I am desperately looking for one of “Lonnie Scruggs” Teaching Guides on the HP-12C calculator. New preferred, but good condition used and readable, will be acceptable. If any member has one sitting on a dusty back shelf, wanting to sell or get rid of…Please notify me ASAP…happy to purchase from you, to complete my Lonnie Library!
    Honored to come aboard, willing to share help with any member, if they care to do the same with us newbies!
    Stay Safe, Sincerely, Tom & Virginia Kelly, Portland, OR.

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