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  • Hi everyone. My name is Brett Ramsey, operating in the metro Atl, GA area. I bought my first property about 8 years ago, but I’ve been investing in residential properties full time for a little over 3-4 years now. I’ve been a sponge for learning new creative investment information wherever I can find it & I’ve been doing some real estate appraisal work for 10 years.

    I started learning from reading A.D. Kessler’s monthly magazine & learning from the http://www.creonline.com website. My sole investment strategy for the past few years has been to buy undervalued foreclosures and force the appreciation through the renovation of the property. Recently I have attended several of Dyches Boddiford’s seminars & webinars and have just been inpressed with all the creative techniques & information that is available to learn. I can appreciate his experiences & his command of the material, which oftens helps me avoid mistakes others have made before me. I understand Dyches has been a student of Jack Miller & he has suggested that we attend some of Jack’s seminars, so until I can do that , I wanted to become a member & learn from some of the brightest minds in real estate investment. I look forward to what lies ahead.


    Lew Hopson here!

    I “met” you one Saturday at the U of H Hilton about a month or two ago. I got to the lecture seminar a few hours late and was only able to listen to you patiently and thoroughly answer questions for over two hours.
    L learned more there and was more inspired by that two hours of listening than I learned or was inspired by any of the seminars that I have paid for and/or attended for free or for minimal money over the last months to years.

    I downloaded “On Steroids” and am in the midst of building my buyer’s list before seriously committing to finding and putting as many single family dwellings as I can find under contract with a view to wholesaling them until I have enough capital to back rehabbing projects.
    I have
    a-number one credit and am determined not to use that credit unless I HAVE to. My wife won’t let me.

    I have a request:
    Please explain or get me to a source that succinctly explains exactly how I buy subject to (including a deed of trust and a note for the seller mirroring the terms of the original mortgage).
    I would like to know just how I would benefit from agreeing to pay the existing mortgage note of a house that the original owner owes too much on(ARV 100k, seller owes (5K).

    Lew Hopson lewhopson@yahoo.com


    HI Lew,

    Glad you are a member of CREWealth.com And THANKS for the kind words about my presentation in Houston.

    I’ll repost your question outside of the “inroduce yourself area”


    Hi, My Name is John Barker, From SC. Go COCKS
    I have been a builder for over 30 years. I built custom homes for the spec. market. I also have had my Real Estate License for 25 years. The industry has been good to me but I have found out that there is a better way with less stresss. I talked to Jackie some month ago but did not bye in at that time. I feel good about my decision to come in and focous on what jack is telling us. I too bought “ron legrand seminars” but could never emplement what he was teaching. I hope to go to Tmapa Fl. Thanks for all you do

    Hi, I have been doing RE investing part-time for the last 2 years and have attended lots of seminars locally in the Orlando, FL area. I am trying to concentrate more on holding some properties for cash flow and even though I have only 1 rental right now, I hope to be able to get 3-4 a year for the next couple of years. I am also planning on offering seller financing on some of these properties. My friend Pal Parker, a well known investor here in Central Florida told me about Dyches seminars and I had the opportunity to attend his last one in Alanta on seller financing. Great stuff!. Pal also told me how how much respect he has for Jack’s teachings and knowledge so I am looking forward to attend one of his seminars, most likely the upcoming one in Tampa, FL.

    Also, looking forward to learn as much as I can from everyone. The site looks like it has lots of good stuff.

    Rafael Vazquez



    Hi Enrique

    Glad you joined us. You need to listen to Jack’s “Face the Fear Factor” book. It is in the Member Zone.

    And go to the Learning Annex, then Conference Calls. Listen to the call called Control And Roll with a Highest Bidder Sale — this will be an excellent way you can help a lot of people get their houses sold AND make a ton of money for you!

    Of course, there’s a wealth of information on the whole site .


    Hello my name is Enrique Zamora I am in West Covina California. Jack name first came to my attention through a kind, generous man named Mike Cantu. Although I stated strong three years ago with nine properties purchased through an agent out of state, I have let fear and self doubt stand in the way when doing things on my own.
    Recently I passed the sales persons test and should be licensed in a few weeks.
    I believe that offering value to the market is the best way to make money and with so many people being unable to sell their homes, I would like to be able to help them, that is why am here- and of course to make money-God knows I need to make money I am broke.

    Hi my name is joe just starting would appreciate all the help i can get.

    Hello, my name is Carroll Leonard and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’ve had rent houses for years, but haven’t come close to the level of success, in money or lifestyle, that I’ve wanted. I’m looking forward to learning all I can from this website and its contributors. I’ve done rehabs, birddogged, flipped a couple of houses, and landlorded, still looking for the best method(s) to reach the potential I know to be in me and real estate. My family and friends have watched me for years and have vowed never to buy a house they don’t plan to l ive in. My little contribution to keeping the competition down. ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome. Looking forward to gaining ground fast.

    My name is Rick Hedge. I am from Ft. Myers, Florida. I have a small plumbing business and a general contracting business. Over the years I have invested in houses and land. I look forward to learning what this new market has to offer.

    HI All

    I’m so excited to find this site and the wealth of information about real estate investing.

    I’ve done a few wholesale deals and I’m ready to take it to the next level…. with your help



    MAC McWhirter, Tampa, Fl,

    I just popped in to say “Hey”. Was rehabbing, but I think OPTIONS will be my forte in the near future since Jack’s option seminar a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to meeting some new faces as I travel this great country of ours on a “learning quest”. I’m working on getting a website up and running, any tips on that, Jackie?


    Hi, this is Christine Hearn (Johnson) from Tampa, FL and I have to say it was strange to see my name from Houston (Christine Johnson). It’s a small world because I also have a Christine Hearn here in Tampa whom I’ve met. Anyway this is the 3rd time I’ve typed this since I keep getting kicked off computers without warning while I am out of town. Third time is a charm!!

    On to my introduction. I recently attended Jack’s options seminar in Tampa at the recommendation of Jack Griffin who I had contacted while on a quest for “I buy guys” for wholesale deals. You never know where networking might get you. :) I have been attending seminars for some time now (which my husband rags me about) and have been searching for the “right information” (or at least right for me). I have picked up some nuggets of information here and there but nothing has compared to the value of Jack’s seminar and this website.

    My husband and I have dabbled in real estate previously by renting out former residences with mixed results. We finally decided to take the bull by the horns and purchased our 1st official investment property this year. That has been an expensive seminar all on its own with the help of some “free coaching”. Needless to say, I have learned that I need to trust my gut instincts and stick to my guns about what “is and is not” a good deal for us. We are currently working on lease optioning the property, hence the timely attendance at Jack’s seminar. I am hoping to focus our investments to maximize our successes and am certainly open to any pointers.

    My ultimate goal is that even though I enjoy my job as a PA, I would like the option to say “I quit” if I chose because our investments could and would replace my income. I truly believe that goal is achievable with some hard work and dedication. Plus, it would allow us to pass on some very useful skills to our kids to increase their success in life as well.

    So, I am here on this website and this forum for networking, information sharing and opportunities to succeed in real estate investing. To all of our successes – cheers everyone!



    HI Mac..

    Welcome to the CREW!

    Give me a call at 972-496-4500. I need to know more about what you want the web site to do then I can point you in the right direction.

    Very often, you can use a simple BLOG and it is FREE.



    My name is Bernie Holt. I am located in Waldport (a small town), OR right on the ocean in the middle of the beautiful Oregon Coast.

    I have a Real Estate background as well as Banking and I am a full time Mortgage Broker. I have followed Jack Miller for many years and he has contributed to my net worth all along the way. THANK YOU JACK. I guarantee you will receive more words a minute from Jack than any other speaker. LOL I have been successful using many of Jack’s and several other gurus over the last 25 years. I am still looking for more.

    If I can help someone else that is just as rewarding. It does not happen instantly so do not give up if you do not become rich in 2 weeks. Just think what you would gain over time even if you only did one transaction a year as the years roll by.

    Thank you Jack et al for setting up this system. I still enjoy the newsletters however so please do not give it up.

    Bernie Holt bernieh@peak.org

    Hi my name is Mia and I currently live in Irvine, CA.

    I’ve been RE investing for a few years, took some hits over the last year, invested thousands in RE seminars etc., made some money, lost some money – and ready to get some ‘reality’ based education! Looking forward to learning some great techniques here as I can’t believe the quality and depth of ‘reality’ based RE education here at this site for only $29.99 month!

    Found out about Jack via one of Dyches and Peter Fortunato’s courses and glad this site is up and running…such a refreshing place to learn from compared to other seminars etc. and now, since the equity I may find in deal is a ‘moving’ target – going down usually – think it is great to learn from the masters and also share ideas so it motivates me to get off the sidelines right now!

    Thanks again for putting this site up!

    Rick Casselberry. We have several rentals here in my Central Florida hometown. Modest single family homes, duplexes, small apartments, mobile homes, mobile home lots, small MHP, etc. Also some vacant lots, some with potential, some without much. We like tax certificates but newcomers bid to near zero; and tax deeds but newcomers bid too high. We like billboards, timeshares too.
    A professional civil engineer in an earlier life.
    I have edured many a seminar and am not so active in a couple RE investor groups here.

    Sacramento, CA

    Hi, My name is Dan Matthews and I found this site after a recommendation from one of the REI clubs that I attend. I?ve been an investor for a few years but at a pretty low level, with properties that we bought and kept long term as rentals. A year and a half ago I retired from my job and wanted to go into RE full time, so I invested in some seminars and coaching and paid a bunch of money for that, plus I lost a lot more money investing in ?deals? that they recommended. I am running out of cash now, so I need to turn it around. I got in at just the wrong time and got caught with a couple properties that I can?t flip.

    I checked out Jackie?s book on steroids, but I don?t know wholesaling will work too well here as it seems most of the flippers are no longer in business. There are still a few that are advertising that they buy houses, but they?re mostly holding them. I?m looking for a strategy that will let me get some cash injections without putting out too much of my own money.

    So far the info on the site looks great, and I?ve been spending a lot of time exploring it all. I?m trying to maximize my education at a minimum cost until I can start generating some income. There are so many strategies here that I?m trying to digest that it?s going to take a while. I?ll probably have a few questions along the way, so it?s great to have a forum here with real feedback from people that know what they?re doing.
    – dan matthews

    Happy New Year Everyone

    My name is John Charles

    I live in Southern California. I have been attending
    Jack Miller seminars since 1992. I have found the information and experiences shared by Jack invaluable
    and not available anywhere at any price. Jack has
    given me advise on several accasions that got me out of a jam.I consider him a friend ( I hope thats not unilateral )
    not just a guru. Beside he is really quite funny if you like that sense of humour. I know that I am preaching to
    the choir here but some one might be new. Also other people that you meet in this venue or at seminars that have insights that are just unique and powerful. So I
    am happy to be here. Thanks Jack.
    Thanks Jackie et al.

    PS I am interested in Mobiles in the Houston Area.

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