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    WELCOME New Members!

    Happy New Year to All.

    Now, don’t be a stranger after your intro post. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas and make comments in the Forum

    I look forward to meeting each of you at one of Jack’s seminars in 2008!

    Jackie Lange

    John, where in Southern Californa are you?

    Hello My name is Buddy from Seminole Florida. I’ve been a “brainwashed” licesnsed real estate agent for 12 years. Started doing some rehabs and some wholesale deals a few years ago. I made some good money on a few and lost a lot more on a few others. Went to a few expensive seminars that really didnt teach me much. I’m hopefull that the information here will help me get on the right track.

    Buddy Hillengas


    Hey Buddy,

    You’re in the right place to get the RIGHt information to be successful with real estate.

    If you have any questions, just post them here or send me an email at [email protected]


    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Mark, and I am new to investing. I have been a licensed Real Estate broker in Durham NC for 3 years. When the market made is sudden shift, I decided to start targeting my efforts toward short sales. Now that I have picked up listings that are in pre-foreclosure, I started seeing opportunities for investing.

    To make a long story short. I wanted to find an inexpensive way to learn real estate investing, and when I was led to this site I knew that this was what I have been looking for!

    I am looking forward to learning how to correctly learn RE investing. I have been succesful in learning and getting short sales approved and have been pay a standard commission. I think that with the right direction and meeting the right people, I can also be a successful investor and short sale specialist.

    Best Wishes to you all!


    Hey Mark,

    Yes, you’re at the right place. We’ll be right here to help you cross over to the other side!


    Hi All

    Dylan James here. I’m from Hot Springs Arkansas. I’ve been involed in some aspect of real estate investing off and on for about 10 years. I’ve been acquiring lake houses that I can rent as a weekly rental and it has been a great business. I’ve also got some other rental properties that lease for a year at a time.

    I have to admit that I’ve been a little lazy the last year or so.

    But, I see tremendous opportunity with the current market conditions and al the foreclosures so can’t wait to jump back in the game. I look forward to getting a little guidance from all the great information here at CREWEALTH.


    Hey Dylan, Am thinking about buying a couple of condos on Lake Conroe. Since you have been in this type Real Estate, how do you go about advertising that your property is available? I know a management company is good, and I guess Craigs List and possibly even E-bay. Ads in papers, even though they can be expensive…these are a few things that cross my mind. My email is [email protected] and look forward to your thoughts. Welcome to the group. It is very informative and the entire group is great. Travis


    HI Hank,

    Just like QUALITY of information at Jack’s seminars, you’ll find the the “QUALITY” of the members here is far superior to any place else. You’ll be able to get all the deal help and sounding board you need.

    Welcome to the group!


    Hello. My name is Ty Howard living in Dallas, Texas. I am a beginner investor and a stay at home mother. I have been reading/studying real estate for one and a half years now. I have not done a deal yet. I am being very careful of who and what I listen to. I am so happy I heard about Jack Miller and Jackie Lange. Love your website, very informative. I have been on hundreds of teleseminar calls/websites and none compare to the information you provide your members. I look forward to learning (plus taking action) and interacting with you all. Thank you.

    Ty Howard

    Hello, my name is Vikki. I also live in Dallas and am a newbie investor. I obtained my Realtor license a year ago and have been doing residential sales. But my real interest lies in investing, for myself. I intend to begin by wholesaling to create some cash flow. I’m looking for active investors in the DFW area that would like to be added to my investor list…? and of course if anyone is looking for a buyer agent, I’m more than happy to run comps off MLS, write offers, etc.
    This is a great site!! So much information.


    Hey Vikki and Ty – welcome to the group!

    I just updated the quick start guide – go check it out for a suggested path in the Learning Center

    Hi, I’m Cindy from Silverton, Oregon. I have done 7 deals in the last two years. 2 Lonnies, 2 Land Home Mobiles, a rehab and a wholesale.

    I’m addicted to this stuff and would love to start on another rehab tomorrow!


    Hey Cindy,

    Welcome to the club! I’m addicted too.

    You’ll find a wealth of information at CREwealth to help you find the road to riches.


    Hello…this is my first post although I have been attending RE seminars from the Florida “Six Pack” for the last ten years and was introduced to Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, John Schaub, etc. by my friend, Jack Fullerton. I live in Southern California and have one administrative question: Ive joined the month to month $29.95 plan-does the billing automatically recur each month or must I renew my membership each month?

    Also, I currently have a SFR ownership problem and would like to know where to post my dilemma so that I don’t post incorrectly.

    Thanks to Jack and peers for this forum.


    Joe Karbus

    PS-sorry I posted in another area incorrectly.


    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for joining CREWealth! The monthly biling is done automatically.

    For general questions, see the Creative Real Estate Discussion area – just click on NEW TOPIC.

    If your question falls in to a specific category like mobile homes, property management, etc – – you can post it in that category – just click on NEW TOPIC to start a new thread.

    When you want to reply to someone else’s post, you just click on that post then click on REPLY – type your reponse then hit submit.

    If you have any problems with using the site, feel free to call me at 972-496-4500 and I’ll walk you through it.

    Jackie Lange


    Hi Jimi,

    I won’t tell Jack you thought he was a nut case! He is a different breed – that’s for sure.

    One thing for sure, if Jack says it’s a good thing to do – it is.
    If Jack says it’s not a good thing to do – it’s not.

    You’ll find tons of Jack’s wisdom here at http://www.CREWealth.com

    Stop by the forum and share ideas and ask questions once in awhile.


    Howdy –

    I was a pup in 1989 when I went to a Jack Miller seminar. I thought he was a nutcase. I proceeded to accumulate a few houses with standard bank financing (full recourse). Everything was great until vacancy and non-payment hit. I sold everything at a loss and started over with newfound respect for Jack.

    I’m a buy-and-hold investor focused on a 3 zip code geography. I do very few deals, with very wide margins, typically owner-financed. Until this month, I hadn’t purchased a property in nearly 6 years, as my Northern Virginia market made no pricing sense to me (apprx. 200 offers rejected). I only sell when tenants beg for the property. Fortunately, a few did from 05′ to 07′.

    Anyway, the market looks good again for buying. I just closed one nice deal and have numerous prospects. I’ve joined to hone the insights of Jack and the community.



    Hi everyone, I am Gary Covert in Phoenix Arizona. Last week was a HUGE eye-opener for me as to what is possible in real estate investing. The Money Makers Seminar in Santa Ana, CA was fantastic and well worth the time and money. Jackie and the rest of the team put on an outstanding program. Looking forward to learning a LOT more.



    (the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt use all your talents to the uttermost.)

    And I should also mention I am taking Jackie’s advice to heart and starting out with the wholesaling. So if anyone is interested in buying in the Phoenix area let me know and I’ll get you on my list to hit up.

    [email protected]

    “Today I will give everything I have to give, for that which I try to keep, I will lose forever.”

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