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  • glad you are better, we missed you

    so sorry Jackie,,get well soon

    thanks Jackie, I agree with everything you said,,,yet is it ok to sell to her fiancé using
    the IRC 121, since they want to keep it as a rental after married ?

    I’m interested, have signs, see email

    Thank you Jackie,
    I have done a regular HBS but this will be my first as a highest down payment.
    I have about 6 weeks to prepare and since its in another state ill need the time.
    I’m sure i’ll have more questions.
    I would welcome suggestions and tips from anyone who has experience with a HDP sale.

    Owner Sold it 2 weeks ago, already rehabbing

    Just cut out the wallboard with mold, then it’ll be easy repairs with no mold in sight

    Jackie, I would like this lead, any more info you can share? Cost of lead ? Etc?
    John Pearson

    thoughts and prayers go Dee’s way for a speedy recovery

    Jackie, are your web builders still planning to restore the HBS website soon ?

    I join all the group and offer hopes and prayers for Jackie and her husband.

    Seems to me that the previous HBS website marketed primarily to prospective sellers, which is why I have
    50 double-sided yard signs with that weBsite printed on it. Any ideas on how to salvage these signs without
    Replacing them with new ones ?

    Allen, check your REIA email,,,don’t know a way to send PM on this site. JP

    have signs——will travel !!!
    Florida–Georgia–Alabama for starters

    I’m interested, might need some help with creating offers, but getting leads of motivated sellers would be a tremendous help.

    change locks, electronic barking dog, signs, and LOUD alarm if door is opened,,,,wireless security cam to smartphone,,
    not directed at her but general security

    Please disclose, if you don’t mind, the numbers and details of the sales,,,,thanks

    Jackie, what became of these 2 leads ?

    Jackie, I’m interested and have almost 50 signs, but already have commitments that weekend.
    Let me know if postponed a week or 2.
    John Pearson

    I’ve done one successful HBS and have the NE Florida area, but would like to participate also, could use help structuring deals etc.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 27 total)

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