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Introduction to Options
A long time ago in a land far away, I was struggling to get into real estate.  I didn't have enough money of my own to buy any of the good deals that came my way, and having been raised in the great depression, I was scared of personal debt.  Nor could I find any “investors” who would make their capital available to me to buy houses with.  I was stumped, going nowhere fast.  Then I discovered Options.  Read about how Options made it possible to retire 5 years later at the ripe old age of 45.
When there is plenty of loan money around, those who build houses, or who buy them to fix up for resale simply sell them to people who can get financing for them, and pay tax on the cash received. On the other hand, when both acquisition and take-out financing dries up, about the only way to stay in business is with private financing from investors, hard money loans, or creative financing. All of these dry up profits and increase risk to the person trying to make money as a dealer.  There's a BETTER WAY....
Using Leases and Options to Multiply Value
Learn how one creative investor lease optioned a mobile home park with NO MONEY DOWN, generated $500,000 a year in cash flow, then sold the park for a $4,000,000 profit.  You could do this too....
Making Your Lease/Options More Secure
Learn how to protect your lease and your option consideration.  The more control YOU have over the underlying loan payments the better.  And learn how to find the two types of homeowners who are most likely to say YES to your lease option offer. 
Many homeowners are frustrated with their listing agent who is not doing anything to market the property or help get it sold.  Typically, investors avoid listed properties.  But there is a way to get Options on "Listed" properties so everyone is happy AND you still make $30,000 profit... Read the rest of the story to learn how...
There's a major difference between sharing EQUITY with another person and sharing APPRECIATION via financing.  The LENDER stands outside all the problems and liabilities of fee title ownership with clear rights to the first profits OFF THE TOP.  Learn how to structure a Shared Appreciate Transaction....
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