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Secrets of Wealth
Learning the secrets of wealth, and what prevents it, will help guide you into more introspection regarding what you are really attempting to achieve by investing time and money in single family houses. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve success, wealth, and financial freedom?
Wholesale Flip Deals
A wholesale flip is a great way to make money - a lot of money - with real estate without actually buying or fixing up a house. When you drive around town, you probably see some old, run down usually vacant looking houses. Now, when you see those houses you need to think $$$$.  A wholesale flip takes no or very little cash to do. 
The Trust History
Learn about the history of Trusts and how you can use them for privacy and to protect your assets...
How does one come up with a creative financing idea? A long time ago someone said that necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing could be more true than having to earn a living, or come up with something to repay a loan. The key to creative financing is to understand how a conventional deal works, then to modify the various component parts in unconventional ways to achieve the desired results.  Oftentimes, conventional methods just will not work to solve real estate problems.  See some examples of creative real estate ...
You Do NOT Need To Buy Real Estate To Get the Advantages

Everything has a price. When we seek to avoid leverage without risky debt, won't we have to give up something in return? When we want to capture property appreciation without actually owning it, how can we also control its use and upkeep? When we don't hold title to property, won't we lose our tax benefits? Read on pilgrim. You're going to like this ...

Anyone can buy anything for less IF you learn how to negotiate.  Being able to negotiate is one of the highest paid skills in the world.  Learn successful concepts and techniques used by the pros to reduce costs and increase profits in house-buying transactions.  Often, a negotiation it all starts with learning what the true needs are of the seller and what they are willing to trade to accomplish their goals.
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