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We're most thankful for our loyal friends and subscribers at Thanksgiving so we are offering a once a year super sale as our way of saying thank you!  There are more items on sale and at lower prices than every before.  See details....
5 Best Sources for Super Cheap Wholesale Deals
I’ve wholesaled many hundreds of properties and developed many ways to find the best deals which I could get for the absolute lowest prices with minimal marketing expense.  Following are my top 5 ways to find super cheap wholesale deals.
Options vs. a Listing Agreement
There's some confusion about how Options and Highest Bidder Sales work together. I hope this article will clear up some of the misconceptions. 
Highest Bidder Sale Emergency
Normally when I do a Highest Bidder Sale, I just have an option on the property.  But sometimes, if it's a really great deal,  I will buy the house before I do a Highest Bidder Sale.  When you do a Highest Bidder Sale, you sometimes need to make quick decisions to make changes to the house to help it sell for more.
Less Work.. More Money.. Faster
Some real estate investors I know are working just as hard, or harder, today than they were 15 or 20 years ago when I first met them.  It does not need to be that way! Learn how to work less but still make more money...
5 Buying Mistakes That Rob Real Estate Profits
Most of the profit created buying and selling single family houses is made at point of purchase, yet, amazingly, serious investors still leave the delicate task of the final stages of negotiation of a purchase, up to brokers and attorneys.  That's a big mistake!
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