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Fire damaged houses can usually be optioned way below market then wholesaled for a nice profit.  I have often been able to get fire damaged houses for the lot value then flipped for a $5,000 to $30,000 profit.  The key is to success if to have a good buyers list of buyers who will take on a fire damaged property.  Read how Randy made $6,000 by doing a quick flip on a fire damaged house
How to make $1625 an hour doing a Highest Bidder Sale
Learn how Susan made $25,000 in one weekend doing a Highest Bidder Sale - and how the owner of the property, who had been trying to sell for a year, got her house sold in only 7 days for the price she was hoping to get.
Why Use Video to Market Real Estate
Video can showcase your real estate much better than just words and photos.  In this article you will learn some amazing statistics about using video when marketing real estate.  This should convince you to start using videos.
Let's Talk About Advertising
Learn creative things you can go to get the word out that you help solve real estate problems.  There are many things you can do which have low or even no costs.
What is a Highest Bidder Sale and Why You should Be Doing Them
A Highest Bidder Sale is the ideal way to make a fast profit, with no risks, on pretty houses and wholesale flip type houses too.  Learn two ways to do a Highest Bidder Sale. 
How to Be a Money Master - Fast Track to Financial Success
Read the first chapter of Jack Miller's long lost book called The Money Masters which is the workbook from a seminar.  The Money Masters book is all about making more money by learning from those who have made money in real estate rather than by selling seminars, home-study courses, books, and tapes.  Although the single-family house is the foundation upon which each of our speakers has built his success, they are completely different people with different ways of going about making money.  Consequently, some of the things they’ve done will be similar, but at the same time, because they come from different places, you’ll discover for yourself that they do many things quite differently.   You’ll hear the techniques our speakers have used to move away from the pack as they buy, fix, finance, sell, manage, lease and Option properties. 
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