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The Secret to Getting More Deals and Much More Success
In the 21 years that I’ve been investing in real estate and running businesses I can honestly say that the one thing that has helped me be more successful is to travel.  It could be a drive to a different town a few hours away; but when I really need to get recharged I get on a plane to go someplace completely out of my element.  
Is Your Financial Security at Risk?
Today we’ve never had it so good, yet many readers seem worried about: (1) When the “housing bubble” will burst, (2) what will happen to retirement plans when employers file for bankruptcy, and (3)law suits.  In this month’s newsletter I’ll try to put these threats into perspective and suggest ways in which to deal with them.
Problems are the Real Source for Creativity
She was 54, widowed, and broke! She owned a 2 bedroom house that was free and clear on a large lot she’d bought with the proceeds of a small insurance policy for $4500. Taxes on her home were being increased again. Her property had been re-zoned from residential to commercial usage. She needed income just to be able to survive in that austere time of balanced budgets. Back then, there were few social safety nets in America for anyone below the age of 65. Her only assets were her house, her kids, her friends, and the goodwill she’d built up through years of service to her community; and her own self-reliance. She had no debts.     How might this  little story relate to all of us today?
For me, the single most important thing I can discover is the real motive for selling or buying. Sometimes sellers, when asked what they want to achieve, act like kids in a candy shop who want some of everything. Anytime I perceive that the most important motivation for sellers is to make a profit, I usually refer them off to a Broker or another investor and try to glob on to some kind of referral fee or a future "favor". There's no point in both buyer and seller scrapping like dogs over the same profit-bone.  On the other hand, when I can see that there is a real problem that the seller is willing to sacrifice to solve at the expense of his profit, I will work hand and glove with him or her to find a workable solution.
Path of Progress - Hot Real Estate Markets
The expansion of the Panama Canal will result in more jobs, need for more housing and more warehouse space in several cities in the United States.  Read this article to learn where the path of progress is...
Recap of Coaching Call -How to Get $10,000 in Cash Flow Without Using Banks or Credit

Last night John K. of Colorado shared details about how he went from 0 houses and $0 cash flow to $10,000 per month cash flow in just a few short years.   And he did it all without going to banks and without fixing up houses… in fact, he did it without buying any of the houses!    Instead, he used a technique called Master Leasing...
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