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Shipping Container House
Building a house out of shipping containers is both economical and environmentally friendly.  See this one in Panama...
Leverage is the key to success.  Learn why...
Crazy Option Deals.. The Magic Bus
A Magic Bus is a quick and easy way to liquidate a lot of wholesale properties quickly.  And a way to make $30,000 or more in one weekend.  Read this article to learn more...
4 Best Ways to Find Seller Financing Opportunities and Avoid Dodd- Frank Rules
When you buy real estate with Seller Financing you don’t need much cash, you don’t need bank loans, and you don’t need private lenders.  Most sellers who sell with seller financing will not even ask about your credit.   Read this article to learn how to find seller financing opportunities....
Review of Peter Fortunato's Creative Options Strategies Seminar

Everyone walked away with a clear understanding about how to use strategic Options.  Strategic options are ideal when you are working with a home owner who would like to stay in the house… at least for a few more years.  See this example....

Get the Free Foreclosure Report
We are recovering, but we’re not there yet. For every completed foreclosure, there are 954 mortgaged homes in non-judicial foreclosure states and 896 mortgaged homes in judicial foreclosure states. Although this is a  big improvement relative to the height of the foreclosure crisis, a healthier ratio would be one of every 2000.
Crazy Option Deal - Plan B
Our job as real estate entrepreneurs is to solve real estate problems.  Sometimes that means buying the house for cash or with terms.  Other times, we need to get a little more creative.  Read how I solved this seller's problems but did not buy the house.....
The Craziest Option Deals - THE PLAYBOY
Read about this Option deal for a property in Colorado Springs and the dark side of a famous celebrity.
Craziest Option Deals - The Ranch
Sometimes you have to push it to the limit to discover what you do.  Challenge yourself!  Pushing the limit is a good way to describe The Ranch deal.  This story is about an 18,000 acre ranch, DEA agents, new marketing strategies, rattle snakes, small planes, cat litter, big profits, and a REALLY unique adventure
Crazy Option Deals - The Blue Tarp
Learn how you can get cash up front, monthly cash flow, and a big payday later.. all starting with a simple Option.
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