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In rural areas, it is much easier to create your own mobile home subdivision.  Learn how one farmer turned his cow pastures in to $12,000 per month in income with mobile homes.
Creating Multiple Mobile Home Profit Centers
There are many her ways to make money as a park owner. Let's track one of the most successful park owners I ever met to see how he did things. Bill owned a 113 space water front combination rental and condo park. He also owned a finance company, a used Mobile Home dealership, a Mobile Home moving company, a new Mobile Home dealership, a management company, a fuel oil and bottled gas company, a Mobile Home repair service, a sewer and water utility company and a collection company.
Mobile Home owners fall into dire financial circumstances as a result of all the usual reasons that affect conventional homeowners; but there are unusual circumstances that create opportunity: When a mobile home is situated on an individual rental lot, or in a land lease park, being in default on the loan is usually accompanied by being in default on the lease too. This creates challenges for everyone.
Mobile Home Investing
About 1/3 of all housing have been built in factories and brought to the site for installation and/or assembly. Included in these figures are MODULAR HOMES and PANELIZED HOMES.  There are many different ways you can invest in and make a profit with this type of real estate or the land where these homes go.
3 Ways to Secure a Safe Retirement
The time to start thinking about your future is now.  Real estate can provide income so you can quit your job to focus more time in acquiring real estate which will produce even more income.  And real estate can provide a safe and secure retirement. 
How I Got Started in Real Estate.. Hal Cranmer
Everyone's path for getting started in real estate investing is different.  Many start down one path, then change courses later as they learn more and discover a better way.  There is no one right way to get started.  Your background and resources (in time and money) will have a lot to do with the paths you take.  One things is for sure, those to DO get started in real estate investing are building a better future and financial security for themselves.  Read how one member, Hal Cranmer, get started in real estate investing.
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