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You Do NOT Need To Buy Real Estate To Get the Advantages

Everything has a price. When we seek to avoid leverage without risky debt, won't we have to give up something in return? When we want to capture property appreciation without actually owning it, how can we also control its use and upkeep? When we don't hold title to property, won't we lose our tax benefits? Read on pilgrim. You're going to like this ...

Anyone can buy anything for less IF you learn how to negotiate.  Being able to negotiate is one of the highest paid skills in the world.  Learn successful concepts and techniques used by the pros to reduce costs and increase profits in house-buying transactions.  Often, a negotiation it all starts with learning what the true needs are of the seller and what they are willing to trade to accomplish their goals.
How to Buy the Right House at the Right Price
What comprises the 'right' property and 'right' price? It depends upon what you have in mind for the property.  In the context of this booklet, 'right' property usually refers to houses that are being bought for their long term income potential rather than merely for short term sale profits.
Creative Options and 0% Financing
Options are an excellent way to obtain zero rate financing because they control an asset without any payment or interest other than the amount paid for the Option.  It's sometimes possible to get an Option without any payment at all.  Aren't listings, contingent contracts and non-recourse loans a form of Option, since the buyer can walk away without liability?
Over time you'll find it much more profitable to stop applying for conventional institutional loans.  You'll go a lot farther, faster if you try to borrow from private investors who understand your problems rather than from banks and mortgage companies.  This might require a shift in your thinking.   Read this article to learn about private party financing...
What Happens To Real Estate When Inflation Goes Up?
In the event of another economic collapse, your ultimate survival is going to depend upon the preparations you have made in acquiring property and marketable skills for yourself and for your family.  Learn how real estate can help you ride the storm that is coming...
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