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10 Ways to Find Great Deals
Suppose I bet you $25,000 that you can't buy me a house that made sense; either to fix up and sell, or to hold as a rental for long term appreciation and cash flow.  How hard would you try to find one?  Would you just give up and say it can’t be done, or would you be tempted to try some things you hadn’t done before?  
Using Notes and Mortgages to Divide Risks and Profits
When two unrelated owners wish to join together in the ownership of a property without there being any implied or ostensible partnership, a mortgage is an excellent way to arrange this, and to divide both title interests and profits.

Should You Buy in A Run Down Neighborhood?
I have a chance to buy a great house at a low price and on excellent terms.  The only fly in the ointment is the deteriorating neighborhood it is located in.  Should I go ahead and take this bargain, or wait for something else?
Art of the Deal - Equity Stretchers
There's an art to creative dealmaking.  Anyone can learn the craft.  The Art of the Deal home study course, like all of Jack Miller's training materials, is filled with creative ideas to put deals together and make money with real estate.  The more you read about and study creative deal making, the more you will learn how to do the same.  See an example with the Equity Stretcher story....
We're most thankful for our loyal friends and subscribers at Thanksgiving so we are offering a once a year super sale as our way of saying thank you!  There are more items on sale and at lower prices than every before.  See details....
5 Best Sources for Super Cheap Wholesale Deals
I’ve wholesaled many hundreds of properties and developed many ways to find the best deals which I could get for the absolute lowest prices with minimal marketing expense.  Following are my top 5 ways to find super cheap wholesale deals.
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