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Why You Should NOT Buy Houses Subject -To The Mortgage
Now, more than ever, there is a great opportunity to buy houses subject to the mortgage (with a little twist).  It is harder for sellers to sell their house to a buyer who gets new financing so sellers are more open to “creative” ways to get their houses sold fast.  But you should not buy Subject-To the mortgage... here's why...
Stay-at-Home Mom to Entrepreneur
Here’s something you may not know about me, Jackie Lange.  After my son and daughter were born in 1980 and 1982, I made the decision to be a stay-at-home Mom for a year.  A year turned in to 12 years.  Twelve years of Sesame Street, Cub Scott Leader, Girl Scout Leader, home room Mom and grinding organic wheat to make fresh bread every day. Read the rest of the story to learn what happened next....
6 Negotiable Benefits Sellers Will Trade Off
Real estate negotiations do not need to be about the lowest price.  People are forever trading off one aspect of a property or transaction for another, depending upon their needs, prior experience, and personal goals. Some of the things they trade off include:
Dollars and Sense Book Review - Listen to Audio
Listen to this one hour audio of Mike Cantu talking about the valuable lessons in Jack Miller's book DOLLARS & SENSE
Making More Money In Our Changing World
As Boy Dylan sang, 'things, they are a-changing' and we've got to be able to adapt to them.  First of all, we've learned that national news headlines don't always affect our local situation.  In some regions, real estate is booming.  In others, it's depressed.  In some areas, state and local tax policy is aimed squarely at real estate profits and values.  In other states, real estate has privileged status.  We know now that the selection of the political and economic environment in which we invest in real estate can make a big difference in how much money we make.
Use OPC -- Other People's Credit
Learn creative ways that you can use other people's credit to acquire more real estate.  You do not need to borrow money from banks to buy houses. 
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